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As cannabis business zones continue to be established and expand in the state of California, entrepreneurs have many opportunities to grow their marijuana businesses. But this also means they must keep up with new and ever evolving regulations and standards. Marijuana delivery business

Many cities especially are passing regulations in order to limit the influence of the state on how the city chooses to oversee marijuana delivery services, growers, collectives, and edible and concentrate producers. Delivery services in particular must navigate a continually growing list of rules, ranging from methods by which the businesses can make deliveries to where they are allowed to set up.

In Hesperia, California, for example, the city council approved an amendment that expands the area approved for establishing delivery services and affirms cannabis activity regulations, according to an article from The Daily Press. Continue reading

Lawmakers in Washington state are weighing a bill that would give parents of children prescribed medical marijuana the right to administer that medicine to their child at school. House Bill 1060 , which was filed Jan. 4th and from there referred to the Committee of Education, would also give parents the right to administer the medication on buses or at school-sponsored events. school

This would be a major victory for parents of children grappling with conditions that require medical marijuana. Some of these children have been diagnosed with conditions like autism and epilepsy, and marijuana has helped to reduce their symptoms, focus and possibly even participate in a class as any typical child would.

But of course, allowing children to use marijuana as medicine has long been a subject of controversy. It has grown increasingly accepted as there have been a number of anecdotal success stories, as well as studies that suggest children with autism, cancer, epilepsy and other conditions may have a better quality of life if they have access to marijuana therapy. In a lot of cases, it only requires a tiny amount of cannabis oil given over the duration of the day to have a substantial impact on the lives and futures of these children.  Continue reading

Medical marijuana delivery services have become quite popular in recent years. Essentially, a person can use an app on their smartphone and order medical cannabis just like they would order anything else. Once the patient has verified they have a valid physician’s recommendation for medical marijuana, they can place their order and a driver will be dispatched.

carkeys.jpgThese drivers are generally similar to Uber drivers and are part of what is now being called the on-demand economy or workforce. Usually, when we hear about on-demand jobs, including drivers, were are reading about whether they are employees or independent contractors and other employment law related questions.
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It’s no secret that actor Woody Harrelson has been a long-time supporter of legalizing medical cannabis and recreational marijuana. Harrelson, along with some of his friends, like Willie Nelson, have been featured in magazines like High Times for decades supporting the legalization movement, and this began at time when very few Americans would be willing to vote for legalization, unlike today where it is supported by the majority of voters.

lawandorder.jpgAccording to a recent news article from Fox News, Harrelson is one of 66 people and corporations who have applied for a medical marijuana dispensary permit in Hawaii. Technically, it his company, Simple Organic Living, that applied for the permit.
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In the state of California, when medical marijuana was first legalized, provisions were entered in the state code that allowed for the safe distribution and purchase of medical marijuana by anyone with a valid doctor’s recommendation but left it up to local government as to whether cultivation, delivery or dispensaries would be allowed in their respective jurisdictions.

carkeys.jpgIn other words, anyone could use medical marijuana in any jurisdiction within the state, but they could only buy in their city or town if local ordinance allowed for this to occur. While this might not seem like a major inconvenience, for the sick and disabled patients who cannot afford to leave home and are of limited mobility, this is basically telling them they are out of luck when it comes to getting their much needed need medicine.
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The medical marijuana industry in Los Angeles and Orange County is still growing at an astounding rate. With there being some room for improvement in developing new ways for patients in need to have easier access to their medicine, and a lot more money to made, it should not be surprising that there is such a high rate of growth.

mobile-phone-in-hand-1438232-2-m.jpgHowever, despite the obvious damage, those entering the industry need to make sure that whatever they do to assist patients and maximize revenue will not be seen as interfering with the ever changing medical cannabis laws in the State of California and the local ordinances in the Los Angeles area.
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For decades, when people think of marijuana, they think of people sitting around the apartment and eating everything in site. This is, of course, what people refer to as having the munchies, and this concept has been well featured in many anti-marijuana commercials over the years. However, according to a recent news article from the San Diego Tribune, medical marijuana has now been linked to lower obesity rates.

fat-shadow-man-1168363.jpgResearchers at the San Diego State University began to review public health surveys from around the country through a process known as surveillance. The date on these surveys covered the period of time from 1990 until 2012. What they found was, in states where medical marijuana is legal, average obesity rates are as much as six percent lower than they were predicted to be. Obviously, it would be easy to be skeptical, since the researchers would have to prove causation and also overcome data and empirical research that shows the opposite effect to be true. For example, HIV patients experience serious complications from unintended weight loss, and marijuana has been proven to be an appetite stimulant.
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The patchwork of medical marijuana regulation in California has revealed deep divisions on the question of how best to ensure the drug is accessible to those who need it, while balancing the interests of communities vying to limit its availability.
This conflict was recently revealed in a split vote by the Long Beach City Council, which after sharp debate, split the baby, so to speak. The council decided that while they would ban brick-and-mortar dispensaries – for now – they will allow marijuana delivery services directly to qualified patients.

Meanwhile, advocates of storefront dispensaries have a pending lawsuit against the city, which is slated to be heard by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit in February. Plaintiffs want to put a measure on the ballot so voters can decide whether to approve storefront marijuana operations. Specifically, the pending action asks the court to decide whether the city clerk can certify the ballot measure to the council.
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For many years, when people thought of marijuana, they pictured teenagers and young adults sitting around smoking and eating everything in the house. The idea of people using marijuana certainly did not conjure up images of cutting edge technology. However with medical marijuana now being big business in Los Angeles and other parts of California, it should come as no surprise that medical marijuana companies are joining forces with California’s tech firms and trying to push the envelope even further in terms of medical marijuana profitability.

computer-keyboard-1188763.jpgAccording to a recent news feature from Techwire, what is being called an unlikely marriage between medical marijuana and technology is in fact the next big thing in the industry. While California was famous for the gold rush in 1849, this new venture is being called the green rush, and the states many tech startups and established firms are eager to apply their new technology to the medial marijuana delivery and distribution business. The technology will especially be focused on smartphones and mobile devices, which have become ubiquitous in modern day society.

There have already been some tech entries in the medical marijuana business, but the recent push is occurring because mainstream companies are becoming less fearful of running afoul of the federal prohibition against the sale or possession of marijuana. While there is no question there was always money to be made, these successful companies did not want to be accused of being part of a criminal conspiracy, which by the strictest legal sense is what they would be doing and technically still are.
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In today’s world, medical marijuana may be much needed medicine to many sick patients, while to others it is very much a business – and a profitable one at that, for at least those who are running a successful operation.

money-problems.jpgHowever, as with any business, there are various ways to measure success. For some smaller companies, net earnings are the true benchmark of performance. In other words, the amount of money an owner can deposit in his or her personal bank account each month is the measure of success. For some large companies, especially publicly traded ones, year over year growth and efficiencies may be the gold standard of whether a business is doing well. At the same time, others will only focus on individual figures, such as return on investment (ROI) and monetization, even if that involves troublesome over-valuation.

According to a recent news feature from Forbes, owners of medical marijuana businesses are finding it hard to find an accurate measure of success. Part of the problem deals with a potentially inaccurate public perception of how the industry operates. Many people seem to think the vast majority of medical marijuana dispensaries are reaping huge profits. Essentially, people believe if that if you grow a few plants, the money will come hand over fist. However, as the article points out, those in the medical cannabis industry face a variety of problems those in traditional retail sectors never have to worry about.
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