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According to a recent article from, the director of New Jersey’s medical marijuana program has resigned his position. This occurred approximately three-and-a-half years after he was hired with much official and popular support. His resignation was handled much more quietly and was confirmed in a health department release.

cannabisflower1.jpgThe now former program director was a 26-year veteran of the state police and is said to be relocating with his family following his resignation. The medical marijuana program’s second in charge has been placed in the position of acting director until a suitable replacement can be found.

During his tenure with the state’s medical marijuana program, his agency faced opposition and constant attack from various groups. On some occasions, it was patients who were upset with the program. In other instances, it was dispensary owners who felt they could not function with the state’s burdensome laws and regulations. He even faced a lawsuit from a physician and patient on grounds the state was initially dragging out implementation of medical marijuana laws since they were created in 2010.
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The benefits of marijuana in treating depression, anxiety, and other symptoms of PTSD are being studied nationwide. Medical researchers have long suspected a link between the possible benefits of marijuana treatments for PTSD, but have not had the financial support or government approval to succeed in any long-term or extensive study. Now Colorado has offered nearly $8 million in grant funding for medical marijuana research. Researchers are hoping to determine whether marijuana could be a potential solution for veterans and other victims of post-traumatic stress disorder.


A researcher from Perelman School of Medicine is coordinating several studies to investigate how marijuana can mitigate the symptoms of PTSD. The studies have been made possible, in-part, because of a $7.6 million grant from the state of Colorado. Nationwide, legislators, public health officials, and marijuana activists have come to know that there isn’t significant research on marijuana to help inform regulatory or policy initiatives. Many governments want to implement research, and yet, they are hindered by federal laws that still classify marijuana as a Schedule 1 drug, with no medicinal value.
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One of the problems with legal marijuana is it is more expensive than marijuana sold on the black market. Retailers in Colorado and Washington have complained that high taxes on legal marijuana still make black market marijuana appealing to many buyers.

Even though Washington’s marijuana market opened last summer, many stores closed because there wasn’t enough pot to sell and pot itself was more expensive than ever. Now that a new harvest of marijuana is making the legal crops more accessible to retailers, there have been additional problems with the legal pot industry.


In an unexpected twist, growers are having a hard time selling their crops. Many who entered the industry are now considering backing out because of the low rate of sales on the legal market. According to reports, licensed growers had harvested 31,000 pounds of marijuana, but the pot shops have only been able to sell less than 20 percent of those crops. State users have stuck with buying on the black market or purchasing as medical users to avoid the significant taxes associated with recreational use marijuana. This means that the product is moving at a glacial pace off the shelves–if at all.
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The face of marijuana is changing in California and nationwide. No more are the images of stoners smoking pot in dark college dorm rooms, or hippie drumming circles of the 1960s and 70s. Access and interest in pot is ranging from business types to stay-at-home moms.

The Beverly Hills Cannabis Club is a high-end marijuana dispensary that demonstrates this shift in pot buyers and a growing demand for pot at every social echelon. The dispensary displays an array of products ranging from edibles including marijuana-laced brownies, pretzels and candies to jars of the newly available cannabis strands which are arranged daily. Another case offers an exclusive line of products with “Beverly Hills Cannabis Club,” clothing and products ranging from golf shirts, ashtrays, personal products, and hand-held vaporizers.

The Beverly Hills Cannabis Club is one of many California dispensaries that is changing the face of not only pot smoking, but pot distribution. The founder and owner of the BHCC has taken a strategic approach to the distribution and sale of marijuana. Rather than take a grass roots “pro-marijuana” activist approach, the owner has taken a traditional business model with a focus on market opportunities. To promote her club and reform, the owner has been known to make regular television appearances. While critics say that she may be only selling herself, no one can deny that she is making waves and inspiring a discussion on the debate.
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Last year’s legislative sessions and voter polls resulted in some of the most significant changes in marijuana law in decades. While California was the first to legalize marijuana for medical use in 1996, it is now behind other states that have fully legalized marijuana for recreational use. Other trends have shown that even conservative states are joining in support of marijuana reform.

California voters did pass one of the broadest sentencing reforms in the nation, which “de-felonized” the possession of hard drugs. New York also announced an end to arrests for marijuana possession. But does this mean that the war on drugs is over or at least winding down?


Despite state action, the federal government still considers marijuana an illegal substance. The Justice Department issued a memo in 2013 stating that it would not intervene where states legalized marijuana but properly regulated distribution and use in compliance with guidelines. Recently, the Obama administration also OK’d cultivation of marijuana on tribal lands so long as it was regulated. The movement toward legalization is growing, and law enforcement officers at the state and federal level are taking a more lenient approach to prosecution of marijuana and other drug crimes.
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With legalization trends taking hold in Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Alaska, marijuana use has increased rapidly. According to some opponents of marijuana reform, legalization has led to an increase in the number of teens who have been treated for accidental pot consumption. To combat the potential risks of marijuana use and overdose, Colorado is launching its “Good to Know” campaign to inform residents and tourists about safe marijuana usage. The campaign has a $5.7 million budget and has already started to appear in newspapers, magazines, and on the air.

According to the director of the Department of Public Health and Environment in Colorado, the priority of the campaign is to educate citizens and tourists on the responsible use of marijuana. Critics say that both Washington and Colorado failed to provide education about use and consumption of the drug since legalization. The campaign is a collaborative effort in Colorado to inform residents and tourists about the regulations as well as potential risks of consumption. The campaign targets teens, tourists, minorities, even fringe demographics, including breastfeeding women, who may not be aware of the potential risks of THC.
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Migrants seeking work have continued to descend upon Humboldt County to work at the center of the marijuana industry in California. The workers come from all over the world and take part in the marijuana harvest as “trimmers.” According to an NPR report, “trimmers” are responsible for manicuring the buds so that they are prepared for the market. Locals refer to the harvesters as “trimmigrants.”


To understand the importance of trimming, it is critical to understand how marijuana plants grow. Marijuana grows like a bush and produces a flower or “marijuana bud.” A trimmer is responsible for trimming the leaves and stems and shaping the marijuana buds. The process is part function, part aesthetic, as sellers want to make their weed stand out when it is sold at medical marijuana dispensaries or on the black market.
It is estimated that there are over 100,000 plants growing in the Humboldt County area and all must be harvested and processed in the same short period of time. Proper harvest prevents the plants from getting moldy and deterioration. The harvest season begins in September and extends through the month of November, the busiest time for those looking to work as trimmer. Trimmers are both men and women, many bring their backpacks and their pets, to enjoy the culture and the work afforded during the short time in Humboldt.

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Drug sniffing dogs at the airport and other security measures to prevent illegal trafficking and smuggling make flying with drugs seem like an unquestionably illegal activity. But, now that more states have legalized marijuana, residents where pot is legal may be wondering, can you bring marijuana on the airplane? Even if it is illegal for national or international flights, can you fly in-state with marijuana? What about various forms of marijuana? The answers to these questions are not as easy to find out as you might think.


Now that Oregon and Alaska, have joined Colorado and Washington as states where recreational use of marijuana is legal, passengers, airlines, and other authorities will have to consider the implications of these evolving regulations. Beyond the four states where recreational pot has been legalized, there are an additional 23 states where medical marijuana has been legalized. For those passengers who have a legal prescription to possess and use medical marijuana, federal laws could interfere with transport. Patients who are allowed to possess marijuana in their own state are likely to have questions about whether those drugs can be transported, either by car or air.
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With the holidays around the corner, retailers, large and small alike are preparing for ways to boost sales among American consumers–and the pot industry is no exception. According to reports, pot sellers in Colorado are taking advantage of the first holiday season to sell recreational marijuana during the busiest shopping months of the year. Marijuana products include joints, candies and chocolates, as well as lip-balms or other hemp-based products. Companies are seeking to get the same “Black Friday” sales bump as other department stores and retailers. They have even dubbed the traditional shopping day, “Green Friday.”


Sellers throughout the state have raised their expectations, hoping that locals and tourists will purchase marijuana as gifts for their friends, family, and loved ones. This is the first Christmas season that purchasing recreational use marijuana has been possible in the state. Like other retailers nationwide, at least one Colorado marijuana shop is expecting an 8:00 a.m. line on “Green Friday” as enthusiasts seek to get their hands on some of the holiday shopping specials. According to the owner of the shop, early-birds will be able to get an ounce of weed for $50, an amount that usually sells for five times as much. The shop is also selling dollar-joints and half-off vape-pens.
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There are smartphone for apps for everything these days. According to a recent article from Tech Crunch, a new startup company in San Francisco has an app for medical marijuana users. The company requires users to upload their California identification card or a valid driver’s license and physician’s recommendation letter.

mobile-phone-in-hand-1438232-2-m.jpgThe patient information database is said to be completely secure and HIPAA-complaint and can be used whenever users log on to the app, so there is only a need to upload this information when signing up for an account.

The medical marijuana app lets patients in California see pictures of the marijuana they wish to order and make a selection. Once placing an order, the medical marijuana patients should receive a home delivery within one hour of placing an order. This is helpful to those are too sick to go to a dispensary or don’t have a care provider to go for them.
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