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The issue of marijuana has always been sensitive as far as youth are concerned. For years, the failed “War on Drugs” focused on the reported ill effects of marijuana, both in and of itself and as a gateway drug to harsher substances. Every recreational marijuana law that has passed has been careful to prohibit use of the drug by those under age 21. marijuanabuds

As a form of child medicine, marijuana has been even more controversial. Parents who sought relief for their children’s seizure disorders or chronic pain or nausea/ lack of appetite due to cancer were sometimes accused of child abuse. Some were forced to move out-of-state to obtain the treatment their kids so desperately needed.

Yet even in states where leaders have been forward-thinking on the issue, there have been hurdles to overcome. In Colorado, school officials had refused to dose medical marijuana to young patients on school grounds – even if those children had a prescription.  Continue reading

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