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The clear majority of the residents of Los Angeles, Orange County and other parts of California support the use of medical marijuana. As we learned during the last major election, most voters in our state also now support the sale of marijuana for recreational use too.  The next question that may be needed to be answered by voters is whether marijuana and other cannabis products are legal to give to pets such as cats and dogs for therapeutic use.

Orange County cannabis lawyersAs discussed in a recent news article from City Watch, with a majority of states allowing the use of medical marijuana, there is little question the use of marijuana is supported by many across the nation, many in the animal care industry, including veterinarians believe that medical marijuana may be a valid treatment for pets who suffer from serious and debilitating illnesses. There are of course, any other’s who do not support the use of medical marijuana for pets and use the phrase, “Pot isn’t for pets.” Continue reading

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