10 Major Health Benefits of Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana remains classified as Schedule I substance under federal law. This designation is supposed to apply only to substances which do not have any accepted medical uses. This is clearly the wrong designation for marijuana, as cannabis has been proved time and again to have significant health benefits for patients, with minimal side effects. health-1549627.jpg

Major Health Benefits of Medical Marijuana

Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technology published an article on 10 major health benefits associated with medical marijuana. The 10 major benefits include:

  • Treating glaucoma. Millions of patients develop glaucoma, with diabetic patients more prone to diagnosis with this eye condition. Cannabis products can relieve pressure in the eyes caused by glaucoma, and can help patients to improve their eyesight and reduce the chances of blindness due to glaucoma.
  • Seizure reduction. Studies have demonstrated both adults and children can experience a reduction in seizures from the use of cannabis, with limited or no side effects.
  • Pain relief: Cannabis has proved to be an effective pain reliever, especially for people suffering from serious conditions including migraines, Rheumatoid arthritis, amputation, spinal surgery, and multiple sclerosis. A 2010 study conducted in Canada found cannabis was a more effective pain reliever for patients than aspirin.
  • Cancer care: Researchers believe cannabidiol turns off the ID-1 gene, which cancer cells duplicate in much higher proportions. The use of cannabis products can thus help to slow or stop the growth of cancers and can result in cancers becoming less invasive. This may be especially effective in treating breast cancer.
  • Alzheimer’s treatment: A 2006 study found chemicals in cannabis can reduce the formation of amyloid plaques. Slowing down the formation of these plaques slows the progression of Alzheimer’s.
  • HIV treatment. HIV patients may find relief from body aches and may reduce the weight loss associated with the condition by taking cannabis. One study also showed daily doses of THC to primates with an animal form of HIV actually decreased the damage to the immune system caused by the virus.
  • Arthritis: A 2011 study of patients suffering from Rheumatoid arthritis found the patients experienced significantly less swelling and pain.
  • Weight loss. Studies have demonstrated that marijuana users consume more calories, but have better metabolisms and better bodily reactions to sugars.
  • Parkinson’s Treatment: Cannabis has been demonstrated to help reduce pain in Parkinson’s patients and to help reduce the tremors experienced by Parkinson’s patients. Tension relief is also a major benefit.
  • PTSD: Marijuana can be more effective than antidepressant medications in treating PTSD, and does not cause a fuzzy state which antidepressants frequently cause in PTSD patients. Marijuana may also be less-habit forming and less addictive over time than antidepressants which are often prescribed for PTSD treatment.

These are just some of the recognized health benefits associated with the use of medical marijuana. Clearly, it makes no sense to continue to insist cannabis has no medicinal uses.

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