Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Encino Stopped by City Officials

According to the Los Angeles Times, the City’s Attorney’s Office is making an attempt to stop a medical marijuana dispensary in Encino from operating before it even opens.
The Los Angeles City’s Attorney’s Office is looking to file an injunction against the operators of the medical marijuana company, JEP Collective. The Office is also seeking an injunction against the owners of the shopping center that was going to rent space to the business. The stopping center is located on Ventura Boulevard. The city is looking to stop the company before it opens because council members say that the owners of the company and the shopping plaza were going to violate a number of the city’s zoning codes as well as the state narcotics abatement law.

Our Las Angeles medical marijuana lawyers understand that city officials across the state continue to throw bogus rules and regulations at these companies. Dispensaries and collectives are both part of a huge industry that the state needs to embrace. Comprehensive reform has the ability to benefit the patients, the owners, the city and the state if executed properly. Strict rules, bogus regulations and complete shutdowns are no way to treat an industry that offers so much to the state. Many times these regulations hurt residents the most as they’re unable to obtain critical treatment for a number of diseases, disorders and illnesses.

The injunction was filed after the city attorney’s office found out that the shopping center had approved a lease application for one of its units for the medical marijuana dispensary. This specific shopping center is located approximately 200 feet from the St. Cyril’s Catholic Church. Also located just 400 feet away is the Valley Beth Shalom synagogue. Both of these establishments conduct classes and services for children on their properties.

According to Los Angeles city law, medical marijuana dispensaries are prohibited from operating within 1,000 feet from libraries, churches, schools and parks.

Under the Medical Marijuana Program, the Compassionate Use Act of 1996 and Proposition 215, patients that are under medical care and primary caregivers are allowed to cultivate and possess marijuana. This only comes after certified physician’s approval and recommendation and after the patient received a county-issued marijuana health card.

Medical marijuana has been approved to treat any number of medical conditions, including the following:

-Muscle spasms
-Chronic pain
According to Los Angeles Cannabis Clubs, in addition to California, medical marijuana has been accepted in 12 other states across the U.S.

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