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Farmers and distributors in North Dakota will soon be able to grow, produce and sell industrial hemp.hempjuice.jpg

This is yet another victory for those who have been pushing for an entry for local production in the U.S. market. Last year, the Hemp Industries Association estimated the plant, which has a host of valuable purposes, ranging from baby care to foods to auto parts to building materials to clothing. The hemp market nationwide was estimated to be around $620 million in 2014.

Even though hemp has no intoxicating properties, it’s been heavily restricted by federal authorities in the same manner as cannabis. That changed when President Barack Obama signed the 2014 Farm Bill, which contained an amendment that allowed for the legalization of hemp cultivation and production for research purposes. The measure also allowed states that had legalized the crop to continue growing it within the parameters set forth by the state’s agriculture department and local research institutions.
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It is now legal to cultivate industrial hemp in the state of California – maybe.
Although Gov. Jerry Brown (D) has signed a groundbreaking measure that effectively legalizes industrial cultivation in the state, our California hemp lawyers know that it is contingent upon approval from the federal government.

Sen. Mark Leno (D-San Francisco), author of SB-566 Industrial Hemp, said the passage of the measure puts California in a prime position to grow industrial hemp, as soon as the federal government offers up the green light.
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The battle for safe, legal access to marijuana is not simply limited to those who require it medically or want to indulge for recreation.
Currently, the wide-sweeping federal ban on the plant also encompasses the production of industrial hemp, a product that has proven incredibly versatile and useful. However, our Los Angeles marijuana lawyers know that its use has been tightly restricted, despite the fact that 10 states have pleaded with federal authorities to ease their stance.

It appears today those interest groups may finally have a good shot at success, with the Industrial Hemp Farming Act (Senate Bill 359 and House Resolution 525) are pending in both chambers. Additionally, an amendment to the Farm Bill, cosponsored by a Republican from Kentucky and a Democrat from Oregon, passed the House in July and is now slated for a hearing before a joint House-Senate conference committee.
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