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Marijuana business in Colorado is seeing a major shift with the passage this month of a measure that halts sales of recreational marijuana at medical marijuana dispensaries. marijuanatray

There is widespread understanding by those operating medical dispensaries that with the law allowing recreational use in place, they are not going to be able to survive peddling medical pot alone. Now that recreational marijuana dispensaries can sell to anyone over the age of 21, there is little incentive for consumers – or dispensaries – to go through the additional bureaucracy that medicinal marijuana requires – except in case where patients are under the age of 21. That could mean those patients will have a tougher time finding specialized strains or compounds.

The new regulation also comes with a provision that allows consumers to purchase more of the plant and pay lower sales taxes on it. However, at least for the next few months, they may find they have fewer venues from which to buy. That’s because dispensaries will be actively making the shift from medicinal operation to recreational sales.  Continue reading

The cannabis licensing process in Portland is reportedly so bogged down with problems, entrepreneurs and businesses are taking a major financial hit every month. Some have even been forced out of business.cannabis

That’s according to a new report released by the city of Portland and Office of Neighborhood Involvement. A chief economist who works closely with marijuana businesses hoping to forge a legal path into local industry says the complicated bureaucracy of the process has forced some applicants to go belly-up. As of last month, only 19 out of 355 applicants had received their licenses. Another 30 cleared the process, but were waiting to pay their respective fees.

The economist noted that if the city fails to license a significant number of more cannabis businesses soon, the effect on the marijuana market in Oregon overall is going to be greatly adverse. Continue reading

A series of cannabis-related health alerts was issued in Oregon recently, after health officials cited concerns over high levels of pesticide residue on some batches. marijuana

According to The Oregonian, the first alert in mid-October concerned two strains sold by a Portland-area dispensary called New Leave that had high levels of an insecticide called spinosad. The marijuana was sold to some 130 consumers over two days. The strains were dubbed, “Dr. Jack” and “Marion Berry.” The Oregon Health Authority reported the spinosad levels in the former batch were 42 parts per million while the latter had 22 parts per million. The maximum allowable by health regulations is 0.2 parts per million.

The second alert came earlier this month when it was determined that three strains of marijuana flowers sold from dispensaries in North Bend, Eugene and Salem also had unsafe levels of spinosad. One of those batches, “Dutch Treat,” sold in Eugene to about 30 people, had 0.9 parts per million of the chemical. Meanwhile, two other strains – Dryzle and Pleeze – were sold to approximately 340 people at two dispensaries between mid-to-late October. Those strains had high levels of a chemical called piperonyl butoxide, which in itself is not a pesticide, but is a powerful and potentially dangerous ingredient that is only allowed to have 2 parts per million. In the Pleeze and Dryzl strains, there were between 15.39 and 16.24 parts per million, based on independent lab tests.  Continue reading

Consumers can now buy recreational marijuana in Oregon.marijuana

The state has a long history with the drug, having first approved it for medicinal use way back in 1998, two years after California became the first state to treat marijuana as medicine. Oregon later approved the drug for recreational use in 2014. However, it was only recently that recreational sales were allowed to officially begin in the state. There were some medical marijuana dispensaries (380 statewide) that obtained waivers in the interim to sell products to recreational users.

Today, there are 26 retailers that are officially licensed by the state to sell recreational marijuana. The sales are overseen by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission and the Oregon Health Authority. There was originally some concern that some of these retailers would have to pull a significant amount of inventory off their store shelves because the products failed to meet the latest testing, packaging and labeling standards that were recently approved. However, the two oversight agencies ultimately decided that if stores don’t yet have the pre-approved packaging and labels on their products, they can instead use generic labeling and packaging until their own packages and labels get a stamp of approval. Continue reading

Oregon is moving forward with the legalization of marijuana for recreational use. The Oregon Liquor Control Commission released wide-ranging rules this month that will launch the industry next year. More than 77 new pages of administrative rules were released, addressing a wide variety of important aspects of the new statewide industry. open-sign-1563839.jpg

Los Angeles marijuana lawyers know that legalization of marijuana for recreational use needs to come with laws that allow for effective regulation of sales and consumption. States have always been the laboratories for democracy, and as different locations move forward with legalization, it is important to consider the different frameworks they put into place to find out what works. If legalization of cannabis for recreational use is ever to occur on the federal level, it is likely it will adopt provisions of one or more state codes that have been effective at regulating recreational marijuana sales and use.
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Marijuana legalization is a polarizing issue in the U.S.

Historically, we could always count on certain groups to staunchly oppose greater access, including parents, prosecutors and law enforcement officers. But lately, we’ve begun to see a shift.

Parents now see how medical marijuana has worked to alleviate the symptoms of children suffering cancer. Prosecutors have noted the flood of non-violent drug offenders whose cases clog the courts. Law enforcement, though, had seemed the one staunch hold out. Perhaps no more.

According to a recent report in the Huffington Post, a coalition of law enforcement officers have spoken out in support of marijuana legalization in the state of Oregon.


The petition was made public less than one week before voters cast their ballots in Oregon. The letter details the benefits of legalization, articulating that criminalization of marijuana has failed. According to the officers, arresting and citing the thousands of marijuana users in Oregon is only a distraction for law enforcement departments, as well as a “misuse of taxpayer resources.” The officers say these resources would be better spent on other initiatives. According to the law enforcement officers who signed the petition, resources should go to tackling violent crimes, thieves and the cartels that distribute heroin, cocaine and other more dangerous drugs.
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Disparate state marijuana laws can make it difficult to know when and where you may be charged with a crime. Penalties for various charges can also vary widely. Unfortunately, for travelers throughout the U.S. the checkerboard of legal versus non-legal marijuana states make predictability and prevention of an arrest or criminal charge complicated. In the event of a criminal conviction, defendants can still face significant penalties, including years or even decades in prison. For immigrants, the consequences could be more devastating, including deportation.


Taking the U.S. interstate and carrying marijuana can be a huge risk, given the varying degrees of legality, enforcement and penalties by state. Our Orange County marijuana law attorneys are dedicated to protecting the rights of our clients. In addition to providing strategic criminal defense, we also help marijuana distributors and other proprietors protect their rights and ensure compliance with California marijuana law. Our attorneys are abreast of the evolving marijuana market and the trends in marijuana law that could prevent charges or expose users and distributors to liability.
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Nationwide, states are taking on complicated legislative questions regarding marijuana use. Should medical marijuana be legalized? How will the marijuana business be regulated? Should recreational use be legalized? Oregon will be the third state in the country to take on the question of legalization as it puts recreational use to the vote in November. According to the Huffington Post, a spokesperson for the Secretary of State confirmed that Initiative Petition 53 has qualified for the November ballot.


If the law passes, adults over 21 in Oregon would be allowed to possess up to 8 ounces of marijuana at home and one ounce of marijuana when in public. Our Orange County marijuana law attorneys are dedicated to protecting the rights of individuals and entities involved in the California legal marijuana business. In addition to compliance and regulatory matters, our firm is committed to staying abreast of marijuana law in the state and nationwide. We provide counsel, support, and advocacy to marijuana investors, business owners, and individuals who have the legal right to possess or use marijuana.
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A group of medical marijuana growers in Oregon formed a political action committee (PAC) to lobby for legal protections and better regulations from the 2015 Oregon legislature. The registration of a Super PAC shows just how far professional growers have come as a result of legalization. It also provides hope for future changes that could be beneficial to those who produce, sell or depend upon medical marijuana. us-capitol-1129752-m.jpg

The politics have been shifting regarding marijuana for medicinal and even recreational use, but Los Angeles medical marijuana lawyers know that there is a long way to go to ensure that growers and distributors do not face federal action and that those who depend upon marijuana can realize the health benefits throughout the United States. A political action committee that lobbies for positive change may be able to help bring about important changes and aid in the creation of public policy that makes sense.
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Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber has signed off on a bill that permits the legalization of medical marijuana dispensaries across the state.
Our Oregon medical marijuana attorneys understand that House Bill 3460 is a significant measure for the state, which has allowed for legal possession and consumption of marijuana by qualified medical patients since 1998. However, prior to the passage of this law, patients were required to either grow the drug themselves or to designate an individual to grow it for them.

Dozens of dispensaries had cropped up throughout the state during that time, but none of them were technically legally allowed to operate. It was sort of a gray area in legal terms. There was nothing in the 1998 law that said they couldn’t operate, but nowhere were they granted permission either.
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