Colorado Invests $10 Million on Medical Marijuana Research

Throughout the U.S. and internationally, doctors and researchers have touted the medical benefits of marijuana. Even television star, Dr. Oz, has come out publicly in support of medical marijuana. With many of the benefits known, it is no surprise that Colorado’s Governor John Hickenlooper has recently signed a bill that will invest up to $10 million in researching the effectiveness of medical marijuana for certain treatments. This investment could significantly boost sales and even turn additional users on to medical marijuana as an alternative treatment.


According to supporters, SB 155 is an effort to study the therapeutic and medical benefits of the drug. The bill aims to make Colorado a national leader in medical marijuana research and to help patients get the benefits they need and deserve. Our Los Angeles medical marijuana attorneys are dedicated to raising awareness about the benefits of marijuana use. We are also abreast of legal developments in California and nationwide that bolster legalization efforts. This bill will give doctors a better understanding of which patients can benefit and will potentially create more uses for medical marijuana.

Currently, there are 8 ailments listed that make patients eligible for a medical marijuana prescription. Additional research will help Colorado doctors determine which conditions could be added to this list. It will also give researchers a more comprehensive understanding of the biochemical effects or marijuana use. There will be several state-funded research programs that will benefit from the investment, allowing more programs on dosing and the ability to conduct trials. Marijuana advocates see the bill an opportunity to show resistant groups how medical marijuana works.

The federal government has generally resisted research and trials based on the drug’s illegal classification; however, it did approve a study to assess how marijuana can help veterans who are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Other studies have assessed the benefits of medical marijuana as an effective treatment for cancer, blood sugar control, and the spread of HIV. It has even been found to lower suicide rates. Currently, there are 10 states that allow doctors to recommend marijuana for PTSD.

Physicians, researchers, and legislators agree that more research can be done to improve understanding of medical marijuana benefits. This bill allocates significant funding to best explore and understand the therapeutic benefits for those who are not responding to traditional treatments. For these patients, medical marijuana may be the solution they need to combat certain medical conditions.

Some families have even flocked to Colorado to take advantage of its marijuana research and loose regulations. Children have been successfully treated with marijuana for epileptic seizures and other painful or debilitating conditions. These children do not smoke marijuana, but are given the drug in a liquid or capsule form with few side effects.The drug is low in THC so the patients do not experience the “high” of smoking traditional marijuana. In the state of Colorado there are 285 minors with marijuana cards. Advocates, parents, and physicians in Colorado are hoping that the investment in research will lend additional scientific evidence to the known medical benefits of marijuana.

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