Lawmakers Debate Tighter Marijuana Laws – In Colorado Too!

Although recreational marijuana has been legalized in Colorado, lawmakers are still struggling to determine how to handle this change. Unfortunately, some lawmakers feel that the more regulation the better.

If this doesn’t sound familiar, you haven’t been paying attention to the two-decade saga of medical marijuana in California.

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Our marijuana defense lawyers realize that the laws around marijuana regulation need to be changed and updated to be as effective as possible without standing in the way of the intent of legalization.

Some legislators argue that the law legalizing recreational marijuana use is not tough enough on shops that sell marijuana to minors. The purpose of heightened regulation would be to match the sort of penalties used to punish individuals for selling alcohol to individuals who are under the age of 21.

Marijuana advocates would agree that minors should not be free to buy marijuana from dispensaries. Advocates would likely agree that dispensaries should be punished for violating the law but it is always important to ensure new regulations will not prevent those legally able to purchase marijuana from doing so.

Particularly in the case of individuals who use marijuana medicinally. It is imperative that these individuals are given hassle free access to their medicine.

Marijuana sold by dispensaries must already come in child-proof packaging in order to comply with current Colorado laws, there is one exception for edible marijuana products sold as medical marijuana. Colorado legislators will also debate an interesting measure later this month – the policy would send some money received by marijuana taxes to the law enforcement agencies in other states.

The measure illustrates the extra capital available to Colorado as a result of marijuana legalization as well as a willingness to assist neighboring states with the law enforcement duties related to marijuana smuggling and consumption.

Supporters of the unique measure contend the grant money given to neighboring police forces is not a simple giveaway, instead it is an effort to avoid complaints about increased smuggling and drug trafficking.

Although the Department of Justice has announced leniency on some areas of marijuana enforcement it has remained steadfast on the issue of marijuana crossing state lines.

In fact, the effort to prevent marijuana smuggling are listed as a top priority.

Supporters of the bill state that sending money to other states would occur only after the Colorado state patrol has taken the money it requires. Any left over funds would then be distributed to neighboring states.

Although marijuana has been legalized far more measures are in the works and expected to be considered by Colorado lawmakers this year. These other bills include: SB 129 and HB 1196. These bills could impact criminal laws surrounding marijuana and possible create a task force for measuring the impact of marijuana legalization on local governments.

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