FBI May Loosen Policies to Hire In-Demand Pot Smokers

The stigma that was once attached to pot smoking is disappearing as marijuana is legalized. This shift signals an overall change in the way that society views the drug and those who smoke, either for medicinal purposes or recreational use. It also means that employment policies are changing to accommodate a talented pool of pot smokers. According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, the FBI is considering changing its once stringent no-tolerance policy so that it can hire those who smoke marijuana.

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The Justice Department is aggressively pursuing cyber criminals and is increasingly reliant on individuals who are experienced in the investigation of computer crimes. Congress authorized the FBI to add an additional 2,000 to its payroll to meet the demands of the cyber-crimes division. The agency is quickly learning that to access and hire the most informed, talented, and experienced candidates, it must also be willing to hire those who use pot. Our Orange County marijuana attorneys are experienced in handling cases that impact the rights of users and growers throughout California. In addition to providing strategic counsel and advocacy in these complex cases, we are also abreast of trending marijuana policy developments in the state and nationwide.

At the Annual White Collar Crime Institute Conference, the FBI director announced that it may shift its policies to meet the demands of the agency. While seeking to fill employment positions, the FBI learned quickly that some of the top computer programmers and experts in the field also like to use marijuana. The agency is reviewing its options to determine the best course of action to shift its marijuana policy.

According to the FBI Director, if the FBI wants to keep up with the rate of cyber-criminal activity, it must also let go of its “no-tolerance” policy on marijuana use. Historically, the agency has refused to hire anyone who smoked pot within the previous three years of interviewing with the agency. The agency is also encouraging individuals who were previously turned off by the policy to apply again, suggesting that the agency may simply turn a blind eye to marijuana use.

The FBI is taking an aggressive approach to battle while collar cyber-crimes and one of the requirements is to change the way that the conduct business. This working outside the box and through less traditional means to get the job done. The agency is currently working on over 10,500 cases and has 1,300 agents to handle the rising number of fraud cases. Tackling large corporations and powerful individuals requires innovation and the use of sound, informed computer programmers. This has ultimately led the agency to shift its stance on pot use.

The announcement from the FBI signals a general shift that is replacing older stereotypes that pot smokers are simply lazy hippies. It suggests that even top federal agencies are realizing there is a potential for high-value workers who may also occasionally smoke a joint. Furthermore, to obtain the best quality candidates to do the job, public and private companies may have to open their doors to smokers if they want the most competitive candidates.

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