Health Systems in Some States Oppose Medical Marijuana

Despite the demonstrated success of medical marijuana programs in California and across the country, there are still many people who oppose any use of marijuana. While these people are now in a minority, they are a vocal, powerful minority effective at pulling politicians to their perspective with the imagined dangers of medical marijuana. They are constantly pushing outdated prohibitions.

medicaldoctor3.jpgAccording to a recent news article from Science Times, Illinois is one of the areas where we are seeing staunch opposition to medical marijuana, even though it is legal in the state. The state allows patients with a doctor’s signature to purchase medical marijuana legally.

Despite it being legal on a state-level, many in-state health systems are attempting to prohibit medical doctors from signing medical marijuana prescription forms, since federal law still makes possession of marijuana a crime.

As our Los Angeles medical marijuana attorneys can explain, possession of any amount of marijuana or THC products is violation of the United States Controlled Substances Act (USCSA). To make matters worse, marijuana is listed on Schedule I of the USCSA, meaning it is one of the most dangerous of controlled substances, according federal regulation. Schedule I, which is more dangerous than all lower schedules, is reserved for drugs like LSD, GHB, Heroin, and also marijuana and all other forms of cannabis. These drugs are considered more dangerous and addictive than cocaine, crack cocaine, oxycodone, and fentanyl, even though this is based on nonsense in the case of marijuana, and this is contrary to what has been scientifically proven.

In order to get on Schedule I, a drug must be very dangerous, highly addictive, and have no legitimate medical use. Marijuana certainly doesn’t meet that criteria, yet, due to political pressure in 1970 when the act was created, marijuana was listed on Schedule One and has been ever since. There have been efforts by some to change that, but they have not been successful.

With respect to the situation in Illinois, some of the state’s major health systems are allowing doctors to participate in the medical marijuana program and are even encouraging doctors to undergo special training. Other health systems are unwilling to do this, and this has been the reason residents of the state have had to wait for so long for any movement toward being able to obtain medical marijuana, even though it has technically been legal for more than two years. This is similar to what happened in the District of Columbia when voters approved medical marijuana, and it took nearly a decade for it become a reality, and then only a for a very select few patients at first.

Even in areas like Southern California, where medical marijuana is regulated on a local level, and the state has, until now, taken a hands-off approach, there are a lot of regulations that must be observed. If you are planning to get involved in the medical marijuana business, one of the best things you can do is speak with an experienced attorney.

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