Homeless Flock to Colorado for Marijuana Jobs

The marijuana industry is drawing interest from investors and business entrepreneurs nationwide. Another group that has been attracted to the financial prospects of marijuana sales are members of the homeless population. According to recent reports, homeless people from around the country have been flocking to Colorado in an attempt to find work in the ever-growing marijuana industry. As the first state to legalize recreational use, Colorado offers both a safe haven for users as well as economic possibilities for those who are homeless or out of work.

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The legalization of recreational marijuana has already inspired “weed tourism” attracting pot smokers from neighboring states and nationwide. Those who come to Colorado to partake can smoke without facing criminal charges. Among those who have reaped the benefits of recreational pot use without the potential for criminal liabilities are members of the homeless community, many of whom are also looking for work. Our Orange County marijuana law attorneys are dedicated to raising awareness to protect the rights of individuals involved in the marijuana business. We are abreast of legal changes in California and nationwide, as well as trends in the marijuana market.

As the marijuana industry continues to grow in Colorado, so does the number of jobs and potential for work opportunities. According to the Salvation Army, the non-profit housed an average of 190 homeless people per night. Now the organization is housing an average of 345 homeless people per night. The homeless population has seen the marijuana business flourishing and many are hoping to cash-in on potential job prospects. Reports initiated months ago stating that the homeless population from around the country began to flock to Colorado since marijuana became legalized on January 1. The Denver Post and other local news affiliates reported that homeless shelters had an increase in arrivals though the spike in homeless people was not initially linked to legalization.

According to reports of those homeless members who have arrived in Colorado since January first, 1 in 4 report that they are in the area for reasons related to legal marijuana. For some with physical or mental health issues, legalization gives them easy access to a drug that is not always easily accessible or without consequence. For others, Colorado offered both a safe haven and an opportunity for employment. Homeless shelters, including the Salvation Army continue to report their numbers are on the rise. Recent reports suggest that the numbers are growing exponentially and are expected to rise.

Reports indicate that the homeless have been flocking from around the country, but a high percentage are coming out of Texas. Individuals who have been interviewed or informally surveyed report that they are seeking out job prospects in the marijuana business or otherwise. For some, legal marijuana isn’t the only reason to come to Colorado, but it could be influential when seeking a new life, job prospects, and other opportunities. Currently, Washington and Colorado are the only two states that have legalized marijuana for recreational use, though other voters nationwide will vote on marijuana legalization in November and in 2016.

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