Los Angeles Doctor Releases Book Advocating Medicinal Use While Government Continues to Fight Against Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Los Angeles

A Los Angeles doctor has been recommending the use of marijuana to patients for nearly a decade now, according to India West. She recently launched a book, “A Comprehensive Guide to Medical Marijuana,” published to share her extensive knowledge in the field and about the medicinal treatment.

The doctor covers topics pertaining to the last 75 years of medical marijuana history, medical conditions treated by marijuana, how the drug works in the brain, actual medicinal value of the medicine, different ways marijuana can be used and a discussion of marijuana and spirituality.
She also addresses the laws for the possession of marijuana and the rights of those locally and those crossing state lines. She covers issues about driving under the influence, marijuana laws in other countries, employment and medical marijuana and conflicts between state and federal marijuana laws, according to Consumer News Today.

Our Los Angeles medical marijuana attorneys understand that as dispensaries continue to help treat deserving patients, they are also required to stay in compliance with strict California law to continue operations. With ever-changing ordinances and constant crackdown from federal and state officials, many businesses face an everyday fight to remain open and offer their services to deserving patients. An experienced attorney should be contacted if your business if being attacked and facing shut down as these laws deprive citizens of safe access to legal medical marijuana.

Many California residents rely on medical marijuana to treat a number of conditions, including back and joint pain, anxiety, insomnia, nausea and depression to name a few. Patients much first visit a California licensed board physician. If needed, the physician writes a prescription for the patient and refer them to medical marijuana dispensaries.

Patients seeking the treatment must obtain a Medical Marijuana I.D. card from the California Department of Public Health. Those who try to purchase from a medical marijuana dispensary without this ID card can face arrest and prosecution.

According to City Clerk June Lagmay, there have been a number of recent reports from the Los Angeles Police Department of an increase in and escalation of violent crime at many medical marijuana dispensary locations in the City of Los Angeles.

Los Angeles houses dispensaries that offer many strains of medical cannabis which are can be suitable for smoking or ingesting with food. Many dispensaries even offer workshops and support groups for their clients. Many of them are equipped with knowledgeable staff that can help direct clients to the most suitable product for their condition.

The city continues to pull out all the stops in trying to close down these medical marijuana dispensaries as companies and their respected attorneys continue to fight for their given rights to provide the medicinal treatment to deserving patients. Dr. Sona Patel and many other medical marijuana advocates continue to fight against ever changing rules as regulations dropped on the industry.

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