Los Angeles medical marijuana defense attorneys seeking temporary restraining order to prevent dispensary closures

Los Angeles medical marijuana attorneys for the Cannabis Law Group are in court this morning to seek temporary restraining orders to prevent city officials from closing marijuana dispensaries under a new ordinance that takes effect on Monday.

The Cannabis Law Group represents many of the Los Angeles marijuana dispensaries suing the city. The group offers reasonable legal fees and believes there is strength in numbers as dispensaries stand up and fight for their rights. The Los Angeles Times reports that 16 lawsuits involving 64 dispensaries have thus far been filed. The new ordinance, which took city council two years to pass, would force about 450 dispensaries to close.

“I know the subject of marijuana has been a taboo subject for a long time, but it’s a legal business,” said Vincent Howard, one of the founding members of Orange County business litigation and criminal defense law firm HOWARD | NASSIRI P.C. which does business as CANNABIS LAW GROUP. “People should be allowed to move forward and open these businesses. It’s not up to the cities to change California law.”

The ordinance would prohibit all marijuana businesses from operating except those registered with the city by November 13, 2007, which would allow 186 businesses to continue to operate legally. Of those, about 137 are expected to remain open and will be given six months to comply with the new city ordinance.

The judge hearing the case ruled previously that City Council failed to follow proper procedures when it extended the moratorium and declared the ban illegal. Los Angeles marijuana dispensaries that opened after the ban have used the ruling to challenge the ordinance. He has been critical of the city’s plan to reduce the number of dispensaries via the 2007 cutoff.

Los Angeles’ ordinance also bans dispensaries from operating within 1,000 feet of so-called “sensitive areas,” including parks and schools, or from operating next to residential property.

The Los Angeles medical marijuana lawyers at the Cannabis Law Group remain dedicated to protecting the rights of legally operating medical marijuana growers, distributors and their patients against the overreaching actions of cities throughout the Los Angeles area. No city should be allowed to enact restrictions, ordinances or other hindrances to business operating legally under California law.

The Cannabis Law Group is a law firm dedicated to the rights of medical marijuana patients, collectives and growers, throughout Southern California, including Los Angeles, Riverside, Anaheim, Forest Hills, Orange County and San Bernardino. Call 949-375-4734 for a confidential consultation to discuss your rights.

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