Los Angeles medical marijuana dispensaries must fight for survival

NPR recently asked how many pot clinics will survive the crackdown? Our Los Angeles marijuana dispensary lawyers believe the answer will be determined by how many are willing to fight.

The CANNABIS LAW GROUP is representing more than a dozen marijuana collectives and dispensaries in Los Angeles and the surrounding area. By joining forces, we will stand the best chance of prevailing against the ill-conceived and poorly executed ordinances being enacted by city and county politicians.

Just this week, we reported on our Marijuana Lawyer Blog that a judge ordered a halt to the city’s attempt to hold a landlord criminally responsible for renting to a marijuana dispensary on the city’s list of illegally operating businesses. The dispensary, like many of the more than 400 ordered to close in the wake of the city ordinance, is appealing the city’s actions. The judge issued the restraining order pending the outcome of those appeals.

NPR said the city crackdown began in April with 800 operating dispensaries. The city’s goal was to have between 70 and 180 operating shops. However, the truth is no one really knows how many were operating because the city’s approval process was an utter disaster and many shops never bothered to register. And the number of shops that meet current city guidelines is well below 70 — so low in fact that the city returned to court and has asked a judge to sanction its craziness before it attempts to force so many legitimate businesses out of business. Presumably, the city feels a ruling in its favor will help shield it from the flood of civil suits that will follow.

Only 41 make the grade according to the city’s new ordinance — largely because of a clause that disqualifies those who have undergone a change in management since registering with the city prior to 2007.

Our Los Angeles marijuana dispensary attorneys are virtually certain that the ultimate number will be much higher than 41 — the ordinance itself calls for a lottery system that would add about 30 dispensaries. The difference between remaining open and being forced to close for good could very well be whether or not you are prepared to fight for your legal rights.

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