Marijuana Official Tells California Residents What to Expect in 2018

The Cannabis Law Group is prepared for the onslaught of challenges that face the residents and cannabis businessquestion-3-1146620-639x830-231x300 owners of California with the implementation of the Adult Use of Marijuana Act at the start of this new year, legalizing recreational marijuana.

Commercial sales were legalized in California as of Jan. 1, but the exact date of implementation varies from region to region based on local laws and ordinances. Some areas have even decided to maintain a ban on recreational use, such as Kern County, while others have not yet decided the fate of their particular city or region yet.

Officials such as Lori Ajax, chief of the Bureau of Cannabis Control, explain that this complicates the rollout process, making it unclear to citizens as to what to expect throughout the state in the months ahead.According to a report from the Associated Press, Ajax said business owners need to secure local permits as well as state licenses before opening their doors. This has caused delays in some areas, including Los Angeles.

This can also cause ripples throughout the supply chain across the state. Retailers must coordinate with distributors, manufacturers, testers, and growers. If some links in the chain aren’t in compliance or don’t have licensing, it can affect businesses throughout the state. For example, if retailers are all set up, but they don’t have ready access to product, there is no business.

Beyond the basics of licensing are the many regulations required for a business to operate above board. It’s probable state officials will be making repeat visits to commercial establishments to ensure all guidelines are being met.

Our Los Angeles recreational marijuana lawyers are here to provide expertise and assistance to business owners in California looking to secure licenses, permits, and ensure compliance. This will make the process much less complicated for you as the owner, and cut back on delays that could derail your business. We can teach you all you need to know to set up and successfully run your company.

Such education is key to long-term success of the marijuana marketplace, according to the Bureau for Cannabis Control. The economy depends on as many businesses getting on board with regulations as possible. Otherwise the black market will be an unruly competitor, able to operate without necessary regulations and taxes.

It could also mean that enforcement of regulations is weighted by priority. The bureau said, for example, that egregious violations of course need to be punished, but businesses that are making an honest effort to be in compliance should not be treated as harshly. This will encourage more businesses to adhere to guidelines rather than operate in the shadows. Our lawyers applaud efforts to make this transition to legal operations as smooth as possible for law-abiding business owners and understand the steps necessary to help businesses get there.

These same local regulations make it complicated for average residents to know their rights as well. Similar to tobacco use, smoking is restricted in public, particularly around schools, daycares with children, and while driving. Recreational use inside a business will be up to local governments.

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