Medical Marijuana Delivery in Orange County

With all the talk about legalization of marijuana for recreational use for adults in California, many are wondering what will happen to the medical marijuana market.  One thing that is certain is that medical marijuana patients will still be able to get their much-needed medicine.

marijuana deliveryThere is a good chance they will still be able to get it from the same dispensaries they have been going to because of the fact that colocation will be legal in most places.  This means that the same dispensaries that are already in existence will be able to also sell marijuana for recreational use. As our Orange County medical marijuana attorneys can explain, there are a variety of reasons why one might still want to purchase medical marijuana when they are able to legally purchase marijuana for recreational use.  One of the reasons is that it may be a lot cheaper to purchase their medicine from a medical marijuana dispensary or even from a cooperative.

We must remember that those who pushed for medical marijuana to become legal decades ago in our state did so as part of a grassroots efforts to make sure marijuana would be respected as real medicine and those in need of the drug could get it.  They not only wanted it to become legal, as it eventually did back in 1996, but they wanted even if the poorest individuals who could not work due to their illness to able to get their hands on medical marijuana.

These early advocates risked arrest and federal prosecution so they could get their medical marijuana and make sure others could get it too.  They did not see it is a major industry back then, but these days it has become a billion-dollar industry. While that is great news for those in the cannabis business these days, and those who are hoping to get into the business, we should not forget the hard work and sacrifices those advocates made and keeping medical marijuana available and affordable is one way to do that.

One of the major issues faced by those who need medical marijuana, aside from cost, is that they are too sick to leave their homes to get the medicine.  In some cases, they are fortunate enough to have a caregiver than can be registered with a dispensary to get the marijuana for their patient. However, this is something everyone does not have, as it is typically a family member that serves that function.  As discussed in a recent news article from Green Rush Daily, getting medical marijuana delivered by a service may be the way to go for many patients in Orange County.

You will still need a medical marijuana recommendation letter from a doctor in California, even though Proposition 64 has passed, if you want medical marijuana delivered to your home. You will also need a cannabis card.  Once you have this, you can register with an app on your phone and get a delivery service to bring your marijuana order to your home.

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