Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Northern Hollywood Loses 800 Plants

A recent fire took destroyed a growers full supply of medical marijuana in Northern Hollywood. Officers are still investigating the incident, according to the Hollywood LAist. As of the last reports, officers were also still looking for the owner of that operation.
The fire happened shortly after 12:30 a.m. The business was located on Bellaire Avenue. Luckily, the Los Angeles Fire Department quickly responded and was able to calm the fire in about 20 minutes. There were no injuries were reported. Officers are concerned with the business’ operations because it looked “shady.” Officers report that there were no signs on the outside of the building and that the lobby was questionable. As firefighters extinguished the flames, they discovered about 800 marijuana plants.

Our Orange County medical marijuana attorneys understand that dispensaries and collectives have the same rights as all other businesses in the state. Unfortunately, these companies are bullied by officials and treated unfairly. If you feel your rights have been violated, you’re urged to call an experienced attorney to help you regain your dignity, your business and the rights that have been granted to you by the state of California.

Early reports from the fiery incident indicate that the fire started from the grow setup. Officials believe that the light fixtures may have been improperly fastened and that a light may have fallen on a plant, causing a lot of smoke and a fire to ignite. Reports also indicate that the investigation is ongoing.

“We’re just beginning the investigation,” said Sgt. Aaron Ponce of the Los Angeles Police. “We don’t know who owns the building.”

Dispensaries and other medical marijuana operations have a right in the city of Los Angeles and else throughout California to possess and cultivate specific amounts of medical marijuana. According to Senate Bill 420 medical marijuana dispensaries in the state of California have been provided with a blanket legal protection, saying that qualified patients, people who have a proper medical marijuana card and a person’s designated caregiver…in the state of California in order collectively or cooperatively to cultivate medical marijuana, shall not be subjected to state criminal sanctions.”

Under this bill, patients are allowed to carry a larger amount of medical marijuana than others as long as it has been recommended by a physician. Under this bill, local authorities are also able to create, enact and enforce their own guidelines and ordinances to regulate the local medical marijuana industry. Unfortunately, these regulations are always changing and are oftentimes confusing. These regulations vary from city to city.

Collectives, dispensaries, etc. have to be licensed through either county or local ordinances. Still, these companies are facing scrutiny from all angles. Local officers, federal officers and other authoritative parties continue to bully these businesses. Companies who work within the medical marijuana industry have the same rights as ever other company in the state and should be treated the same.

If you’re being treated unfairly, you’re urged to contact an attorney to help you to fight for your rights as a legal, law-abiding California business.

The CANNABIS LAW GROUP offers experienced and aggressive representation to medical marijuana dispensaries, collectives, patients and those facing marijuana charges in Southern California. Call 949-375-4734 for a confidential consultation to discuss your rights.

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