Medical Marijuana in Los Angeles in Limbo with Conflicting Regulations from Officials

The California legislature is still focusing on regulating the use of medical marijuana in Los Angeles and elsewhere throughout the state. Residents of California who helped to pass both Props 215 and 420 are now being turned against by their elected officials.

Residents of the area are asked to come together to remind Governor Jerry Brown about the needs, rights and desires of the people he represents. You are asked to email the Governor to veto Senator Lou Correa’s (D-Santa Ana) SB 847 and AB 1300. This is a bill that requires all legal medical cannabis cooperatives and collectives set up shop at least 600 feet from school and residential zones. This bill will put most dispensaries and collectives out of reach for patients.
Our Orange County medical marijuana attorneys understand that research, conducted by Americans for Safe Access (ASA), concludes that cooperatives and collectives can be good neighbors. This has been apparent for roughly sixteen years now. Restrictions like these are just unnecessary and inconvenient.

Countless studies reveal that sensible regulations reduce crime and complaints in areas where cooperatives and collectives are located. We need to come together to get Governor Brown to listen to the people.

On our Marijuana Attorney Blog, we recently told you about the city of San Diego, which added a bunch of additional rules to its current medical marijuana policy back in June. Under its new rules, collectives can only operate in industrial areas. The city has prohibited these businesses from operating within 1,000 feet of churches, parks, homes, libraries and schools. They also slapped the operators of collectives with a $1,000 fee for operation.

Medical marijuana dispensaries in Fresno County have also been banned. An ordinance was recently passed by the Fresno County Board of Supervisors with a 4-1 vote that makes it illegal for these companies to operate within the county’s limits. Fifteen of the city’s medical marijuana businesses have 7 months to close up shop and head out under the new ban.

San Diego is an example of how community involvement and opinions can help to overturn these ridiculous regulations. Citizens for Rights, Patient Care Association and the California Cannabis Coalition were able to successfully overturn an ordinance in San Diego. But after repealing the regulations, there were 26 collectives that were shut down because of enforcement from the city attorney. Five collectives currently have their cases tied up in litigation and another 38 collectives are in various stages of investigation.

As the state continues to deal with regulations, dispensaries and collectives are left in limbo having to abide by a number of conflicting rules set forth by state and local governments.

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