Montana Parents Seek Medical Marijuana in California to Save Child

Residents throughout the state of California turn to medical marijuana in Los Angeles and elsewhere to treat a number of debilitating conditions. While the medicinal plant continues to be targeted by feds, it may be the best cure for a 3-year-old Montana boy who was diagnosed with recurring brain tumors before he even turned 2, according to ABC NEWS.

The young child’s parents are sure that medical cannabis is the best route of treatment for their little boy that they defied orders from the doctor and dismissed Montana’s law to help save his life.
“I’ve had law enforcement threatening to kick my door down, but I would have done anything to keep Cashy alive,” said the young boy’s father.

Our Orange County medical marijuana lawyers understand how useful medical marijuana can be to residents suffering from a number of serious diseases and illnesses. Although medical marijuana is legal in the state of California, there are federal law enforcement officials and various authority figures in the state that fail to recognize the benefits.

According to the little boy’s father, police have threatened to arrest the family after the news broke about medical marijuana use. The family believes that news of the benefits of the cannabis oil has helped to keep them out of handcuffs. Not everyone agrees. Local Police Sgt. Travis Welsh says there should be no exceptions.

At one point, the parents decided it was in their child’s best interest to be weaned off of all of the drugs that had been prescribed to him, including morphine, ketamine and methadone. After 30 rounds of radiation with the cannabis oil, there wasn’t a single sign of nausea or need for any additional pain medicine. Cannabis oil did the trick!

Doctors never knew the boy’s parents were providing him with cannabis oil. There’s really no arguing its effectiveness considering that the boy was only handed a 30 percent survival rate of five years, according to doctors. At best, they thought the radiation would help to stop the tumor from spreading. After listening to doctors, the young boy was diagnosed with a second tumor just months later. Since the use of cannabis oil, there has been no spreading or new diagnosis. His parents firmly believe that the cancer stopped progressing because of their twice a day treatments of medical marijuana oil.

The family was so confident in the benefits of medical marijuana that they traveled throughout Montana and California to get access to it for their child. In the state of Montana, no one under the age of 18 can be prescribed medical marijuana, but a parent or legal guardian can agree to act as the minor-patient’s primary caregiver and control use of the drug. The family was never recommended the use of medical marijuana. According to The Medical Board of California, if a physician recommends or approves the use of medical marijuana for a minor, the parents or legal guardians must be fully informed of the risks and benefits of such use and must consent to that use.

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