NJ Medical Marijuana Program Director Resigns

According to a recent article from NJ.com, the director of New Jersey’s medical marijuana program has resigned his position. This occurred approximately three-and-a-half years after he was hired with much official and popular support. His resignation was handled much more quietly and was confirmed in a health department release.

cannabisflower1.jpgThe now former program director was a 26-year veteran of the state police and is said to be relocating with his family following his resignation. The medical marijuana program’s second in charge has been placed in the position of acting director until a suitable replacement can be found.

During his tenure with the state’s medical marijuana program, his agency faced opposition and constant attack from various groups. On some occasions, it was patients who were upset with the program. In other instances, it was dispensary owners who felt they could not function with the state’s burdensome laws and regulations. He even faced a lawsuit from a physician and patient on grounds the state was initially dragging out implementation of medical marijuana laws since they were created in 2010.

While he was the face and target of many of these acts due to his position as director, many proponents of medical marijuana knew he personally agreed with their plight and understood they were doing their best to function in a “messed-up situation.” Though he never did anything other than what was required of him based upon his position, he did try to assist in any way he could.

Among his successes while heading the agency, he is credited with creation of testing methods for pesticide contamination, mold, and tests to determine the potency of marijuana plants and other cannabis products. He also created a service center, which handled tens of thousands of calls each year about the program. He was also credited with being essential in the creation of several new medical marijuana dispensaries and state sanctioned cultivation centers.

It should be noted, the medical marijuana program agency and the department of health has not released any reason the now former director has decided to resign and relocate with his family.

As our Los Angeles medical marijuana lawyers can explain, in-state cultivation is essential, as marijuana cannot be transported across a state where marijuana possession is in violation of local laws. Even though medical marijuana is legal in California, transportation to our state would be a problem. While it is legal to operate grow operations and cooperative grow operations in various areas, it is not hard to unknowingly violate any number of laws, which prohibit growing, possession, and distribution of marijuana.

If you are planning to become a part of this growing industry, one of the most important things you can do is to speak with an experienced marijuana regulation attorney before taking any other actions. It is much easier to be counseled on how to do things right from the beginning, than to find out you are in violation of state and federal laws or local ordinances and be subject to criminal charges, civil fines, and other regulatory actions, which can destroy even the most stable marijuana operation.

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