Patients Prefer Herbal and Transdermal Cannabis over Oral Preparations

According to an article on, most patients would rather use herbal-based forms of the plant as opposed to dervitaves produced pharmaceutically.


Researchers in the United States, the Netherlands, Germany, and Canada used a web-based survey that contained twenty-one questions asking patients’ to provide their perceptions of various types of cannabis based medicinal products.

Our L.A. marijuana lawyers, know that there are various forms of preferred consumption for medicinal marijuana medicinal products but that all forms of cannabinoid-based products can be beneficial for various conditions.

The survey was taken by over 950 subjects and the results showed that a majority of participants preferred herbal cannabis because they had fewer side-effects and were more cost-effective. Cannabis-derived pharmaceuticals include substances such as nabilone and Marinol.

Survey participants also expressed a preference for inhaling various forms of medicinal marijuana products as opposed to oral dosing. Inhaling includes both vaporizing or smoking.

Researchers hypothesized that one reason for the preference toward inhaled marijuana was due to the fact that inhaled marijuana takes effect far quicker than orally ingested alternatives.

According to an article found on, another method of utilizing marijuana for medicinal purposes is applying directly to the skin. This application method is referred to as transdermal.

The reason this process works is because Marijuana is lipophilic. This means that it can be dissolved into a substance that is fat-soluble and then easily enter cell membranes.

This form of use would benefit patients suffering from pain resulting from various conditions. Transdermal medical marijuana can come in the form of a rubbing alcohol type solution, ointment, balm or lotion.

Individuals have long benefited from the anti-inflammatory effect of marijuana to ease the pain caused by sore muscles and joints as well as arthritis.

A transdermal marijuana preparation typically provides only local relief and does not effect the brain. This is useful for times when other forms of marijuana use may be inappropriate such as while driving a car.

Transdermal applications may also be used to avoid potential side-effects such as drowsiness or an upset stomach.

Transdermal medicine is useful for pain managment in pediatric and sports medicine. The direct absorption of the substance into the skin allows for fast pain relief.

Transdermal may be preferable to capsules or tablets because these more traditional methods of administering medicine can become diluted due to digestive enzymes and stomach acids.

Bypassing the liver and stomach means a much higher percentage of the active ingredients enter the bloodstream where the effects can be felt.

Transdermal medicine has been utilized for many years in various parts of the world but the full benefits of this method of application have yet to be fully explored.

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