San Jose “leaders” scramble to regulate medical marijuana dispensaries

Call them late to this ill-conceived party at taxpayer’s expense, but don’t call them absent: San Jose city officials are seeking to crack down on pot clubs.

Our San Jose medical marijuana collective attorneys urge marijuana businesses and patients to stand up for their rights. The CANNABIS LAW GROUP is representing more than a dozen medical marijuana businesses against the overzealous “leadership” of city officials in Los Angeles and the surrounding area. We believe there is strength in numbers and that the collectives that stand up and fight for their rights are the most likely to survive.
The San Jose Mercury News is reporting that the mayor and three members of council have called for a meeting in April to determine how to restrict the number of dispensaries and where they can operate. Our medical marijuana defense lawyers in San Jose and elsewhere urge local businesses and patients to proactively seek legal representation and make a plan to defend themselves.

A number of city leaders have signed onto a proposal that would reduce the number of medical marijuana dispensaries in San Jose from 110 to just 10. A number of new marijuana businesses have opened since the Obama Administration announced it would defer to state law, a departure from the federal witch hunts of the Bush Administration.

The News contends San Jose city leaders did nothing to regulate the growing dispensary industry, and now wants to do so retroactively. San Jose now has roughly three times more dispensaries than San Francisco, which is only slightly smaller but has strict regulations on pot shops.

Now “leaders” hope to “speed development” of regulations in April, which otherwise were not slated to be ready until this summer.

San Jose already imposes a 7 percent marijuana business tax, which began this month after voters approved the measure in November. Under state law, pot shops must operate as non profits. Non profits are supposed to be exempt from taxation. Some dispensary owners have expressed hesitancy to pay, saying they weren’t sure if the city was going to use the measure to target crackdowns and other enforcement action.

Many in the medical marijuana community have indicated restricting medical marijuana dispensaries to just 10 would severely limit the access to patients in this city of more than 1 million residents.

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