Study: Radiation Combined with Cannabis Makes Brain Cancer “Disappear”

Medical researchers are investing significant time and resources to study the advantages of marijuana treatments. In a recent study, two cannabis components have been found to have a significant effect on the size of cancerous tumors in the brain. The treatment is especially effective when combined with radiotherapy, according to researchers.

According to representatives from the study, the combination of marijuana treatment and radiation can effectively make tumor growths “disappear.”

While the pronouncement may overstate the effects, it should raise hopes for medical researchers, doctors, patients and their families. The research was conducted by cancer specialists at St. Georges University of London. The study was published in the Molecular Cancer Therapeutics Journal.

According to the findings, there are 85 cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. The two cannabinoids that have been shown to have a positive effect on tumors are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). The researchers combined the two cannabinoids with radiotherapy treatment and published their results. According to the study, combining the cannabinoids with radiotherapy can have a “drastic” effect on tumors.

Brain cancer is an aggressive deadly disease that impacts patients and their families across the globe. According to the researchers, brain cancer killed 5,200 British people in 2012. Medical researchers have pursued various treatment options to reduce the size of tumors and to increase the lifespan of individuals who have been diagnosed with having brain tumors. Based on initial findings in the study, tests involving THC and CBD which were carried out on lab mice and showed that cancerous growths slowed down after using radiation combined with cannabinoids.

Researchers and other medical experts worldwide have found the results of the study to be exciting and potentially groundbreaking. In the study, tumors were treated in a variety of ways to gauge effectiveness. Some tumors were not treated at all, others were treated with cannabinoids alone, some with irradiation alone, and others with the combination. Based on findings, the most optimal treatment combined cannabinoids with radiation therapy. Researchers had previously known that the cannabinoids could have beneficial effects, but combining the treatment with radiation is a new approach. According to medical researchers, the new treatment proves promising, especially for patients who are in a grave and serious situation involving brain tumors.

While there have not yet been human trials, they are currently being considered by the research team. The overall impact of THC has not yet proved consistently positive and researchers are continuing tests on treating grey matter versus white matter in the brain. Initial results have shown an increase in the neurological connections and function that could be compensating for the loss of gray matter in the result of a tumor.

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