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The “stoner” stereotype has plagued California cannabis businesses since before the drug was legal as medicine in the late 1990s. But many Los Angeles marijuana businesses are looking to re-brand their images in the hopes of better reflecting the type of business they do. marijuana advertising

Branding is valuable for any business, but in the case of marijuana, the benefits are industry-wide because it can help to combat archaic conventional perceptions about marijuana as a product. Formulating a professional, unified brand can help address this – and allow companies to carve a name and a niche in a fiercely competitive market.

On the flip side, even where it’s legal to sell marijuana, it’s tough to advertise it. As our Los Angeles marijuana advertising attorneys can explain, marketing cannabis brands and marijuana dispensaries is rife with hurdles.

Hurdles to California Cannabis Advertising

A recent poll from Pew Research Center reveals nearly 7 in 10 Americans think marijuana should be legal. There’s a broad market of potential consumers within your reach. But when it comes to advertising, marijuana businesses need to tread carefully. Continue reading

Navigating the rules of advertising isn’t easy for California marijuana businesses, and some have turned to more fleeting mediums like Twitter and Snapchat – presuming there is considerably less risk. Los Angeles marijuana advertising lawyers know that while it’s certainly possible to post your pot shop posters in these mediums, it’s not without potential liability. cannabis company advertising

Federal and state regulations on marijuana advertising are murky – and there can be possible repercussions both for cannabis corporations and publishers of that material. Social media giants aren’t likely to open themselves up to federal or state regulatory action if they can avoid it, especially when they can do just fine without the income.

Specific legal strategies should be formulated in close coordination with your cannabis company attorney (and if you don’t already have one, in this industry, you should get one). Generally speaking though, there are a few ways you can capitalize on social media marketing – if you’re careful. This is especially true considering these platforms are evolving to require more “pay-to-play” advertising, rather than putting as much emphasis on organic likes or hits. Continue reading

There was a time when “I need a cannabis lawyer” meant you were most likely looking for a criminal defense attorney. But the legal landscape of marijuana law has changed drastically – from the early days of becoming the first state to legalize the drug for medicinal purposes in 1996 to the incessant federal raids and civil forfeiture action to the uneasy truce of the Cole Memo to Prop 64’s legalization of marijuana for recreational sale and use in 2016.cannabis business lawyer

Through all of this, the Los Angeles marijuana lawyers at The Cannabis Law Group have been on the forefront of these evolving laws.

Today, “cannabis law” encompasses a broad array of legal services, including:

  • Marijuana business licensing/permitting
  • Civil litigation
  • Regulatory compliance (tracking and tracing, zoning disputes, etc.)
  • Business plans/corporate structure
  • Trademark/patent
  • Employment/labor law
  • Contracts
  • Product liability
  • Premises liability
  • Financial/tax law
  • Unfair competition

And yes, cannabis criminal defense lawyers are still needed too – not only so long as marijuana prohibition is in effect at the federal level but also to handle marijuana DUI cases.

We have been centrally focused on all-things-cannabis law in Los Angeles for the better part of two decades, cultivating a highly-skilled team of knowledgeable, dogged attorneys known for consistently-favorable client results. Continue reading

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