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One of the biggest obstacles for any farming community is how to best control pests. Each plant attracts a differentcannabis business set of insects and animals and requires special care to deter wildlife from harming crops. Farmers must also take into consideration how pest-control methods could harm natural surroundings and affect the people who will consume the product. Cannabis farms are no different, though they lack the years of shared wisdom other farmers have gathered. In fact, cannabis farmers have to be even more thoughtful in some ways about what they use because their end product isn’t easily washable like an apple. Although it wouldn’t seem a cannabis attorney would be your first consult on this front, it’s worthwhile to review it with your counsel so you are sure you’re abiding local and state environmental regulations.

The California Department of Pesticide Regulation, has been tasked by California’s Medicinal Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act to provide guidelines for pesticide use in cannabis farming. The department said there is not a pesticide product federally registered for use specifically for cannabis farmers. However, there are plenty of pesticides that can legally be used on cannabis so long as they meet certain criteria. Continue reading

Mendocino County is the latest to sign an agreement with the California Cannabis Authority in an effort to help local governments with regulatory compliance and assist in creating a rich poolcannabis business of data about the cannabis industry. Our attorneys know one of the most difficult things about establishing any new industry is lack of concrete data. There can be a lot of growing pains as authorities and economic leaders gather a foundation of facts that help in making critical decisions about public safety, regulations, and taxation. This is particularly true when dealing with a controlled substance, like marijuana. Even though marijuana has been legal for medical purposes in California since the passing of the Compassionate Use Act of 1996, the switch to recreational legalization in the state as of Jan. 1 was a real game changer. MAUCRSA, Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulations and Safety Act, was created to combine guidelines for medical marijuana with all the new stringent licensing rules for recreational cannabis, so all regulations lived under one umbrella.

The mission of the newly formed California Cannabis Authority is to “develop and manage a statewide data platform that will gather, collect, and analyze information from a myriad of data sources into one resource.” The more local governments that participate, the more compelling and significant the data will be for everyone who accesses it.

The group was created by the California State Association of Counties Finance Corp. The group started with San Luis Obispo, Humboldt, and Monterey Counties on board, with Mendocino following suit. According to a report by the Ukiah Daily Journal, the platform will make it easier to track tax payments, provide compliance information to county departments, and allow health officials to access product information. Continue reading

Throughout October 2017, devastating wildfires have taken lives and caused millions of dollars in damage all across California. While the destruction is tragic for all Californians who have been affected, one particular group of small business owners have been hit especially hard by damage. Marijuana growers are generally prohibited from insuring their businesses. This has left many Northern California marijuana growers with vast amounts of property damage and destruction, but no manner of recouping their losses. Worse, the losses come just as legal marijuana sales are set to begin in January.cannabis business lawyers

Why Marijuana Farmers Cannot Insure Their Businesses

Marijuana is entirely prohibited under federal law. There are no provisions for personal or even medicinal usage. Because of this, insurance carriers – most of whom are subject to federal regulations – are prohibited from insuring the businesses, products, or assets of marijuana businesses. Even when businesses are cultivating cannabis lawfully under the state’s Medical Marijuana Program (California Health and Safety Code §11362.7 to 11362.85), they are not able to access insurance coverage. These business losses have been even greater due to the timing of these wildfires. Salon reports that many business owners have spent “their life savings” getting permits and preparing their crops for legal sales on January 2, 2018. Continue reading

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