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Marijuana cultivation, processing, sale, and possession is legal for adults in California. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean all legal challenges have been abated. In some cases, landlords – commercial and residential – may continue to face certain legal challenges. Los Angeles marijuana business lawyer

As longtime Los Angeles marijuana lawyers, we’re committed to protecting the rights of Southern California cannabis businesses – and the ancillary operations that serve and/or rely on them.

Central to protecting everyone involved is a carefully-written lease agreement – one that takes into consideration all relevant state laws and local ordinances, as well as potential liabilities for each party. Working carefully with a marijuana business lawyer can go a long way.

Over the next five years, it’s expected that the cannabis industry is going to double from its current size. Inevitably, this amount of fast-paced growth is going to demand a lot of funding – and space. Of particular concern are the property acquisitions and real estate investments that will be necessary to expand operations of cultivation and distribution facilities, as well as retail stores.Los Angeles cannabis lawyer

But as our Los Angeles cannabis company lawyers can explain, such deals are going to be a bit more complicated compared to other types of commercial contracts and lending. The fact that marijuana remains illegal under federal law inevitably has landlords, lenders, and financial institutions wary of engaging. The potential for sizable profit margins is certainly a draw, but concerns about forfeiture and fines can’t be entirely glossed over.

There is certainly a great deal of opportunity for real estate financing and leasing operations, but there is undeniably a greater complexity when it comes to opening the doors to marijuana-related businesses. Lenders and landlords need to proceed with calculated care and caution. Contracting with a longtime cannabis lawyer can help cannabis companies, investors, property owners, and financial institutions to make smart decisions that will best protect their assets and further their interests.

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