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A real estate developer who publicly referred to herself as the state’s “cannabis landlord” was arrested by San Bernardino police in a raid on her home in Pacific Palisades. The 44-year-old was arrested on suspicion of possession for sales of a controlled substance in violation of state laws, according to The Los Angeles Daily News. Her bail was set at $30,000, and in addition to $200,000 in cash seized from her residence, they also reportedly also seized large quantities of oxycodone pills and a prescription for Norco (also known as Hydrocodone).San Bernardino marijuana lawyer

So why was this cannabis landlord targeted while others in Los Angeles and elsewhere in Southern California are largely left alone? Our San Bernardino marijuana business lawyers understand authorities had been investigating the high-profile real estate developer for over a year for engaging in marijuana cultivation activities that were in violation of California law. In December 2017, authorities raided four of her properties in San Bernardino, wherein authorities reportedly seized 4.5 tons of marijuana. She, however, was not at any of the sites in question and was not arrested at the time.

Although it is true that growing marijuana is legal in the state – even for recreational use – one cannot presume they will evade the scrutiny of authorities in Southern California if they aren’t following state law and local ordinance to a “T” – which is easier said than done where the patchwork of laws is almost seemingly confusing on purpose. This is why having an experienced San Bernardino marijuana business attorney to help guide you through the process is imperative.  Continue reading

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