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California cannabis company compliance attorneys are warning current and potential clients that the newest round of regulations that is going to dramatically impact company coffers, causing laboratory testing fees to skyrocket by as much as 55 percent. This latest roll-out, Phase 3 of state regulations, effective Dec. 31st, is specifically going to impact those who are making concentrates and infused products, as well as those who work in cultivation. cannabis attorney

Among the regulations that will go into effect at that time:

  • All harvested marijuana and cannabis products are mandated to be tested for mold-generated toxins, mycotoxins and heavy metals.
  • Labels of products that claim terpene (a natural, essential oil that enhances the high and contains numerous medicinal properties) will be subject to terpenoid tests.
  • Cannabis products that are inhalable, solid, or semi-solid edibles will need to undergo water activity tests in order to ascertain the amount of water they contain.

These tests, state regulators say, are intended to impose more stringent standards on marijuana products to make them safer for public consumption. Continue reading

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