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The nationwide vape crisis, driven by high-profile health scares that included an outbreak of lung injuries has led to California cannabis vape companies’ sales taking a steep dive along with consumer confidence. Although much of the problem appears to have been tracked to illegal manufacturers – some not even in the U.S. – consumers are still wary of wading back into the vape world. Los Angeles cannabis vape company lawyer

To combat the problem and assure the public that their products are safe, a growing number of cannabis vape businesses are unveiling various technologies that create a more transparent supply chain.

Our Los Angeles cannabis vape company attorneys understand some of these solutions involve smartphone apps that show buyers:

  • Certificates of analysis that show the product has been through a battery of quality testing;
  • QR codes that give consumers information about the usage and dosing of each particular vape product;
  • Encryption cartridges so consumers can be sure that what they’re buying is a safe, state-legal product;
  • Proof the manufacturer has adopted quality testing methods that go above and beyond what the state requires.

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