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When medical marijuana was first legalized in California more than two decades ago, the state was not heavily involved in the regulation process.  While anyone in the state could use medical marijuana if they had a valid doctor’s recommendation for the use of medical cannabis, it was up the counties and incorporated municipalities to decide if there could be dispensaries in their respective jurisdictions and if there could be grow operations.

question markNot surprisingly, some areas were very liberal with respect to medical marijuana production and sales and others were less liberal.  Some areas did not permit any growing or sales within the city or county limits. A few years ago, the state started to become concerned that they were getting left out of the process, and this was creating a regulatory void.  While it was up to individual municipalities to grow or dispense, there were many other state laws regarding agriculture and water usage.  Since much of California is in the desert, and water supply is often far less than demand, this can create a major issue. Continue reading

While we normally think of medical marijuana for use on human patients, there is actually an increasing demand for medical cannabis products designed for use by pets according to a recent news article from the New York Times.  A woman interviewed for the article discuss how medical marijuana has helped her cat and how she is part of a growing customer base.

cat-1404368-300x240This woman owned a 12-year-old cat that was suffering from severe arthritis.  As anyone who owns an aging pet can tell you, cats and dogs often suffer from arthritis just like humans do and it is hard to watch our beloved animals struggle to get around and go up and down steps.  This cat would spend its time hiding in a closet on a thick layer of blankets provided by its owner as means of dealing with the painful joint condition. Continue reading

A recent article in the local section of the Los Angeles Times, discusses the conversations a medical cannabis candy company is having with parents who are concerned with their children’s health and what the future may bring if Proposition 64 passes when put to a vote in the upcoming November election. For those who are not familiar, this ballot initiative will determine if marijuana is legal for recreational use in California as it is Colorado and a small number of other states and the District of Columbia.  While it is far from a done deal, many in the medical marijuana industry think the ballot initiative will pass.

gummyAs for this candy company, they make edible cannabis products in the form of various confections and are considered among the best in the area.  The company prides itself on the quality of the product just like any other artisan chocolate maker would. As of now, these candy bars and other candy products are only sold to dispensaries where they are then distributed to medical marijuana patients with a valid doctor’s recommendation that is cross-checked for authentication, and the patient’s identification and age is verified. Continue reading

One of the ongoing threats to California marijuana dispensaries, growers and users is the ongoing federal prohibition on the drug. marijuana2

To this day, despite the increasing research findings proving the medicinal and societal benefits of the drug, it remains under a Schedule I narcotic designation by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). This is true even as lawmakers in four states plus Washington, D.C. have approved the cultivation, sale and possession of recreational use. This prohibition is what has forced marijuana dispensaries to operate in cash, because banks won’t handle their money. It’s the reason marijuana cultivators and distributors have faced criminal prosecution, even when carefully following state laws.

The good news is that there are many signs this could be on the verge of changing. For one thing, national polls show 89 percent of Americans support medical cannabis – and that includes 81 percent of Republicans.  Continue reading