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As legal marijuana makes continued gains, commercial property owners are increasingly faced with the question of whether the opportunity of leasing to marijuana retailers and related businesses outweighs the potential risk.California cannabis leases

Legalized marijuana poses challenges for real estate professionals and brokerages in two key arenas: Employment law and property management. Whether you are a landlord, tenant or subtenant in the California cannabis market, you will need an airtight commercial cannabis lease. Carefully structuring these leases can help protect property owners from liability issues while remaining competitive. An experienced Los Angeles marijuana lawyer can help.

The very first thing to understand is that, regardless of state laws and regulations, the use, possession, sale or processing is still illegal under federal law. Further, the so-called “Crack House Statute,” 21 USC 856 makes it a felony to knowingly open, lease, rent, use or maintain any place for purposes of manufacturing, distributing or using any controlled substances. Continue reading

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