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The majority of people in this country, especially voters in California, support the legalization of medical marijuana, and now even recreational use of marijuana in many areas, and it is getting harder for marijuana opponents to stop the current trend.  However, there is one group that is still outspoken against marijuana legalization, and this is the law enforcement community.marijuana defense

While they often talk about crime and school children using marijuana, these fears are largely not actually becoming reality, as we have seen in states like Colorado that have legalized the recreational use of marijuana. The reality is that that this increase in crime is not likely the real impetus behind police wanting to stop marijuana legalization. Continue reading

One of the greatest difficulties for the marijuana industry – since its beginning – was a lack of access to banking. Federal statutes defining marijuana as a Schedule I narcotic have meant that banks agreeing to handle a marijuana company’s finances would risk criminal charges for money laundering. debit card

As it still stands, Visa and Mastercard have made it explicitly clear they will not work with marijuana retail companies until the federal government changes the law and legalizes the drug. But that could mean opportunity for some other financial firms willing to take the risk.

Now, an app called CanPay has announced the creation of the very first debit payment solution available to buyers of cannabis in Colorado, Washington and Oregon.  Continue reading

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