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One of the biggest challenges of running a legitimate marijuana dispensary or business is the lack of access to banking services. Because of federal laws that still consider marijuana an illegal, Schedule I narcotic with no medicinal value, banks have been reticent to extend services to any operation that is exchanging marijuana for currency, for fear of getting hemmed up on money laundering charges. cash

The result has been that marijuana dispensaries and businesses operate on a cash-only basis – despite the fact that more than half the U.S. population now lives in a state or jurisdiction where the drug is legal at least for medicinal use. These consumers want safe, legal access to the drug via a well-regulated business. Denial of banking services has made this tough.

Then, it seemed as if there might be some change. In June, the Senate Appropriations Committee voted 16-to-14 to give banks express permission to extend financial services to the marijuana industry. Unfortunately, the House nixed the move – for now, at least.  Continue reading

As if you needed another reason to support the availability of legal marijuana, here’s another one: Legal marijuana means there are fewer reports of public health problems associated with prescription opioid use. marijuana1

A new study published recently in the journal Health Affairs reveals that in states where medical marijuana is legal, it serves as an alternative to other more dangerous drugs – namely, opiates. That means the number of reported opioid prescriptions, addictions and deaths are markedly down in those states.

In fact, one of the most stunning decreases is with prescription painkillers, which have been the scourge of society in recent years, with health care advocates calling the problem “epidemic.”  Continue reading

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