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California CBD lawyers have become aware of an increasingly concerning trend of arresting people for possession of CBD oil, a low-THC extract of cannabis used in a variety of health applications, often to help treat pain associated with arthritis, cancer and back injuries. As it happens, many who suffer from these ailments are in the in the over-50 crowd, and are seeking CBD treatment.CBD oil for seniors

The AARP reported early last year seniors comprise 36 percent of medical marijuana registries, and many preferred CBD (cannabidiol), which does not get a user high, to its psychoactive cousin, marijuana.

The good news is CBD oil has been removed from the U.S. Controlled Substances list with the 2018 Farm Bill (it, along with the hemp from which it’s derived, used to be classified as a Schedule I alongside marijuana), CBD has become increasingly more popular. (It is not approved for food and beverages, per the FDA.)

But there are states – California for instance – that still retain stringent regulation on CBD. There remains confusion about what is/isn’t legal, and people are still finding themselves the subject of law enforcement investigations when it’s found in their possession. Continue reading

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