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State cannabis officials could soon require marijuana shop owners to display proof of their licenses (also known as Quick Response codes) in store front windows for the benefit of consumers as well as to crack down on unlawful sales. Los Angeles marijuana business lawyers

Late last year, the California Bureau of Cannabis Control began urging retailers to post their QR codes somewhere visible. Customers could use their cell phones to scan the QR code and quickly ascertain whether the store has a state-issued license – which in turn means their products are subject to rigorous testing. Although this push began as entirely voluntary, officials are now mulling an emergency regulation that would make the display a requirement. The codes might also need to be carried by anyone transporting the drug for easy verification. Consumers can also run a retailer’s address through the BCC online license search feature to determine whether a shop might be displaying counterfeit QR codes.

BCC chief Lori Ajax released a statement indicated that the displayed QR codes (or lack of them) could also be used by law enforcement to quickly ascertain whether a business is legal. Those that are not would face not only closure and civil fines, but possibly also marijuana trafficking charges. Continue reading

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