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Marijuana is known for having a calming effect on many of its users. However, the children of a woman slain by her husband in April 2014 say an edible, pot-laced chewable candy is to blame for their mother’s violent death. candy1

In a wrongful death lawsuit, a guardian for the children alleges the recreational marijuana manufacturer produced a dangerous product that triggered a violent reaction.

According to a recent update on the story in the L.A. Times, the 44-year-old victim, Kristin Kirk, dialed 911 shortly after her husband came bursting through the door, gesturing wildly as he started ranting about the end of the world. He then climbed out of a first-floor window. Then he climbed back in. Then he lay for a while on the bedroom floor, asking for someone to kill him. But then suddenly, he got a gun out of the safe.  Continue reading

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