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Cannabis could end up back on the California ballot if some marijuana advocates have their way. An increasingly vocal faction argues that in the five years since voters approved legalization of adult recreational use, access to legal supply for consumers has been limited, thanks to unchecked taxes and fractious local governments. A booming black market has overshadowed legal proprietors, who are struggling to make ends meet – all of which was not the voters’ vision when they passed Prop. 64, the advocates argue. Los Angeles cannabis business lawyer

The California Cannabis Reform Project and Weed for Warriors organizations are working together to hammer out a ballot initiative that would, among other things, deprive local governments of the power to approve or deny licenses for cannabis business operators. They allege local governments have failed to wield that power effectively, in turn causing more harm than good, giving illegal operators a leg-up while making it harder for many law-abiding consumers in massive swaths of the state to obtain safe, legal cannabis.

As noted by analysis in the New York Times, roughly 8 in 10 of the state’s local governments have outlawed the sale of marijuana within their borders, effectively creating marijuana retail deserts. Local governments’ loss of control is effectively evidenced by the huge – and growing – illicit marijuana market. Continue reading

A South California town is positioning itself to be a mecca of cannabis cultivation in the coming years. The vision is complete with “bud and breakfast” resorts and “soak and toke” mineral spas. marijuana

In Desert Hot Springs, property developers are planning cannabis cultivation and distribution businesses that will serve as a prime location for the budding recreational marijuana industry. Leaders see the sites open for business by 2018. For example, one property developer is planning to be Southern California’s first stand-alone cannabis extraction facility in an old welding shop that used to be a barn. Other property owners are planning greenhouses that will span tens of thousands of square feet and destinations for locals and tourists alike.

With the passage of Proposition 64, California voters opened the door to what will soon be the single largest legal marijuana market in the country. Desert Hot Springs is one of those that is preparing to capitalize on that prospect. Characterized as a “bedroom community,” Desert Hot Springs is located in Coachella Valley and has a population of 26,000. It was the first community in Southern California to green light large-scale growth of marijuana. Currently, there are two dozen new marijuana businesses, and the hope is many more will be added over the next two years.  Continue reading

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