Whoopi Goldberg May Lose Job on View over Medical Marijuana Business

There has been a recent validation for medical cannabis as treatment for women menstrual discomfort. This was followed by an announcement that actress Whoopi Goldberg is launching a new medical marijuana business project designed to help woman with menstrual discomfort issues.

cannabissatvia.jpgAccording to a recent article from Inquisitir, industry insiders believe Goldberg’s days on The View may be numbered as ABC executives apparently are not supportive of medical marijuana initiatives and projects and they may consider Goldberg’s new business venture as a conflict of interest.

Goldberg has said she has had difficulty with her own menstrual issues throughout most of her life and medical cannabis was the only the thing that provided affective relief from her symptoms. She is working with Maya Elisabeth who been in the industry for years and has already launched some successful product lines. This particular product line includes a medical cannabis tincture, a body rub, and even a bath soak.

The reason this is causing is a problem is because ABC, Goldberg’s employer, has a policy that its employees are not to openly discuss their marijuana use, and this especially applies to on-air talent. ABC executives reportedly have said they were not consulted prior to her recent announcement and feel that they were “blindsided” by her recent announcement. It does not appear likely that that Goldberg will be fired, but her contract is reportedly up soon and this would be the time when she was expected to negotiate a new contract. Many in the industry believe she may not be offered a new contract in light of her recent decision to publicly enter the medical cannabis industry.

On the one hand, it Is not hard to see how a major television network, which relies upon support for and viewership from conservative individual in middle America. However, it appears that Goldberg has received largely positive support from her fan base, and the fan base of the View after her announcement that she is going into the medical cannabis business.

This is consistent, as our Los Angeles medical cannabis attorneys have seen, with the changing attitudes towards medical marijuana in the United States. In roughly half the states and the District of Columbia, medical marijuana is legal, and in some of these states, recreational marijuana is also legal. This is in some cases driven by the legislature, but in many cases it is the result of direct voter action and public petitions.

With so many Americans finally supporting medical marijuana and even the recreational use of marijuana, it is unfortunate that a well-liked entertainer would possibly lose her job for her involving in the medical cannabis business. It is also interesting that nobody seems to have a problem supporting the use of addictive and power drugs as long as they are made by a pharmaceutical giant and approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) despite the many known problems in this process and with these companies. It should be noted that much of this article was based upon claims by unnamed sources and the company has not publicly said her contract will not be renewed.

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