Obama Admin Pot Policy Dazed, Confusing to Many

Trying to figure out what stance theObama administration has on marijuana policy is enough to drive marijuana advocates to drinking. The inconsistencies abound.


Our Los Angeles marijuana lawyers point out that Office of National Drug Control Policy, a White House-run office, considers marijuana a harmful and dangerous drug.

In addition, the Drug Enforcement Administration has placed marijuana in its top section as a schedule 1 drug that is illegal under federal law.

Despite some of the official leanings of the federal government and offices surround President Obama, it seems clear that the President is not overly keen on attacking marijuana advocates.

In fact, Obama has acknowledged smoking marijuana as a youth and even recently indicated publicly that he does not see marijuana as any more dangerous than alcohol.

Furthermore, Obama has stated that it was important for the legalization of marijuana in Washington State and Colorado to go forward.

But what is the position of the rest of the government with regard to marijuana a policy?

Recently members of Congress asked the deputy director of the drug control agency for an answer, and his surprising response was that the administration opposes the legalization of marijuana and other drugs.

The confusing public statements about marijuana policy have left some Congressmen to remark that the administration’s marijuana a policy positions are schizophrenic.

Congressmen and others feel that the states and municipalities should not be enacting laws that are in direct conflict with federal law. As a result of the conflicting reports a series of hearings on the issue will be scheduled in Congress which will include Justice Department officials among others.

Not to overstate the matter, Obama did state publically that he thinks smoking marijuana is not a good idea – but even this does not jive directly with some of his other actions and statements.

Within other agencies there continues to be conflicting opinions on marijuana policy as well. For example, last year the Justice Department released a memo stating that it would steer clear of marijuana businesses operating legally within their respective states.

Unfortunately, some dispensaries have learned the hard way that announcements via a “policy memo” are not strict guidelines that independent United States Attorneys are necessarily required to follow.

Some United States Attorneys still have what can only be described as a personal vendetta against legally operating marijuana businesses and make it their mission cause problems.

The scary fact is that not only does the administration seemed to be slightly confused about its polices but the federal government as a whole has not presented a unified front of regulation and enforcement.

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