App Technology Highlights Future in Marijuana Business

Entrepreneurs have been looking for ways to maximize mobile apps and the medical marijuana business is no different. Two 19-year-old students at the University of Washington have created and plan to launch an app known as “Canary” that will allow users to order marijuana through their smartphones. The app gives users the convenience and freedom of ordering marijuana and having it delivered to the doorstep. The app allows medical-marijuana cardholders to order various strains of pot in different amounts from the dispensaries that they prefer. The dispensaries have agreed to partner up with Canary, which will hire and employ the delivery drivers.


Canary is another example of how the legal landscape is creating business opportunities, not only for growers, but also individuals in other sectors of the economy. Our Orange County medical marijuana attorneys are dedicated to protecting the rights of individual users, growers, distributors, and others involved in the California marijuana industry. We understand the legal ramifications of marijuana business practices and are dedicated to staying abreast of business and legislative trends.

The entrepreneurs will be responsible for verifying that the patients before the medical-marijuana is delivered. This process will be two-step, requiring users to take a picture of their card and also to present it before arrival. Drivers will also have to go through a background check and approval process before they are hired to pick-up and deliver the goods. The long-term goal is to broaden the use of the app to deliver recreational marijuana, but this is prohibited under current Washington law.

Legal ramifications of an app and potential liabilities could be complicated. The technology is not the issue, as the young business owners admit, the bigger problem is the uncertainties from the business side. Canary already has attracted significant investors and the team plans to expand their business in Denver, and even potentially California, unless a local techie snatches up the market.

Canary should be launched in Seattle sometime next month. The app was pitched at a start-up conference and Canary owners won “audience choice.” According to reports, the confidence of the entrepreneurs and the compelling business idea of the app won the audience over. Business opportunities in the marijuana industry are growing, not only because of a changing legal landscape, but because culturally, marijuana is becoming more social acceptable. As legalization spreads to other cities and states nationwide, additional businesses will need support and legal protection from advocates who understand the complexity of marijuana law.

Individuals who are considering a foray into the marijuana business should be aware of their rights, responsibilities, and potential liabilities. As laws are shifting and evolving in California and nationwide, participating in the marijuana industry can be complicated. In addition to preventing liabilities, you may also need legal protections in the event of a law enforcement investigation. Our medical marijuana and marijuana growers’ attorneys are dedicated to protecting the rights of users and growers throughout California. We are also abreast of trending developments in marijuana investments and distribution that may be relevant to our clients.

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