California decriminalized marijuana this week — Perhaps you missed it

The California General Assembly voted 43-33 along party lines to decriminalize marijuana possession on Tuesday.

Our Los Angeles marijuana defense attorneys applaud the move; we just hope local municipalities have the good sense to not spend their time throwing up additional laws, ordinances and other needless roadblocks.
Current California law provided for a fine of up to $100 for possession of less than an ounce of marijuana but violation of the law still constituted commission of a misdemeanor offense. Such classification led to mandatory court appearances and a criminal record. It was the only misdemeanor under California law that had a set maximum fine and not jail time.

The legal change now classifies a violation as an infraction — similar to a traffic ticket. Not as a misdemeanor offense. The maximum fine remains $100.

The San Francisco Democrat reported that the misdemeanor offenses were clogging the court system. Marijuana possession offenses numbered 61,388 in 2008,

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