Cannabis Helps You Keep Your Mind Sharp as a Senior

Los Angeles medical marijuana lawyers know the many benefits of cannabis in treating various health issues. New research regularly reveals different ways cannabis can help the mind and body. Just recently, Forbes reported regular THC consumption in low doses can help to stop the aging of the brain. business cannabis

As more and more benefits of marijuana are discovered, the case strengthens for the federal government to begin recognizing marijuana is not actually a Schedule I substance, which is the designation for substances with no medicinal purposes.

Instead, the numerous health benefits of marijuana – including these newly discovered benefits for the brain – make a strong case for reclassifying marijuana so it will be easier to conduct further studies and easier for patients to gain access to the products they need to improve health.

Daily THC Keeps the Brain Sharp

According to Forbes, researchers at Bonn and Hebrew University conducted the recent study showing the benefits of cannabis for the brain. The study was published in the journal Nature Medicine and it involved comparing the brains of mice who had  been given a dose of THC with the brains of mice who had not been given a dose of THC.

The researchers conducted the study with mice who were 18-months old, 2 months old, and 1 year old. The mice were administered a daily dose of THC over a month long period. The researchers tested how well the mice did at recognizing familiar objects, navigating a maze they were familiar with, and navigating a maze with which they were not familiar.

The findings revealed the younger mice who were under the influence of THC experienced a slight drop in performance. While actively under the influence of THC, the younger mice struggled more to complete the tasks given to them by researchers.

However, when older mice were dosed with the psychoactive chemical, the brains of the older mice performed significantly better than older mice not given THC. In fact, after being dosed with THC, the older mice exhibited brain performance which was on par with younger mice who had abstained. Not only that, but the older mice who had performed better after being given the THC continued to do better than the younger drug-free mice for weeks afterwards. The increase in performance among older mice given THC was described as being “huge.”

Forbes explains the results generally appear to support the belief the researchers had about how marijuana would affect the brains of older mice. The researchers believe the THC stimulates the endocannabinoid system, which is a biochemical pathway possessed by both mice and humans which tends to become less active as people age. If this is in fact the case, it could suggest low levels of THC administered daily to older animals– and perhaps older humans – could prompt a “profound, long-lasting improvement of cognitive performance.”

Clinical trials are expected to begin later this year to determine what type of impact THC will have on older human brains. Hopefully, the research will reveal a performance boost for humans as well.

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