Cannabis May Be A Substitute For Alcohol, Study Says

A recent study suggests that Marijuana may be a substitute for alochol. According to an article published in the online journal called Alochol and Alcoholism, cannabis could be a replacement for alcohol consumption.


Our Los Angeles marijuana lawyers do not believe addiction to any substance is a good thing but what if low or moderate marijuana use could completely replace heavy alcohol use?

An investigator from the Alcohol Research Group reviewed large amounts of literature in an effort to reveal whether consumption of cannabis can satisfy the published criteria for alcohol substitute medications. There are seven accepted criteria for a medication to be accepted as an alcohol substitute.

The investigator found that marijuana either fully or partially satisfied all seven criteria save one. The literature review acknowledges that more research would be needed to determine whether those with drinking problems could rationally utilize marijuana as a substitute.

The purpose of the review was to see if it would be beneficial to recommend that those who abuse alcohol utilize marijuana as a means to reduce drinking.

Some research has shown that cannabis has less potential for addiction and is safer than benzodiazepines and/or various other pharmaceuticals that are classified as alcohol substitutes.

In another study, a team of researchers from Mexico and the United States attempted to estimate the causal effect that legal access to alcohol would have on the consumption of marijuana.

This study, from the Journal of Health Economics, showed that a large number of marijuana consumers who are under the age of 21 greatly reduce their cannabis consumption and increase their alcohol consumption following their 21rst birthday.

The numbers were interesting compared to other intoxicating substances as well. Researchers found that many individuals who use marijuana show reduced use of other intoxicating substances. This makes one question whether marijuana is a gateway drug as many have suggested in the past.

In an informative study titled: Medical Marijuana Laws, Traffic Fatalities, and Alcohol Consumption researchers found that the legalization of marijuana is tied to a 9% decrease in traffic fatalities. Investigators feel that this is likely due to the reduced alcohol consumption which causes a significantly lower number of drunk drivers.

This study reviewed the statistics in 16 states that had passed medicinal marijuana laws and concluded that alcohol and marijuana often act as substitutes for one another.

Various other studies have shown that adults who possess the access to legal marijuana have a lower level of alcohol consumption when compared with the general population.

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