Child Lobbying for Medical Marijuana Suffers Seizure in General Assembly

Nationwide, parents, medical experts, researchers, and activists have pushed for reform to help children with epilepsy gain access to medical marijuana. In an attention grabbing twist before the General Assembly, a child who was present to lobby in favor of medical marijuana testing had a seizure. According to local reports, the young girl whose family was spearheading charge to loosen medical marijuana restrictions in Virginia had a seizure at the General Assembly. Witnesses said that it was a powerful testament to the need for medical marijuana use in the state.

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The mother of the epileptic girl testified that she believes her daughter should be permitted to use medical marijuana. Based on prior experience, cannabis oil has previously alleviated and helped to curb her daughter’s seizures. Like many states where marijuana has not yet been legalized for medical use, parents and patients are becoming impatient with legislators who are resistant to changing state laws.

Cannabis oil is derived from marijuana plants and can be consumed orally from a syringe. For parents with children who suffer from epilepsy, getting accessing to the drug is critical. Many families have gone before state legislators hoping to expand drug laws. The current movement in Virginia resulted in the girl testifying and even having a seizure before the lawmakers. According to reports, she suffers from Dravet Syndrome and had 1,200 seizures in 2014, up by 400 since 2013. For those who witnessed the seizure, the event made it more real and compelling for those determining whether the girl should be able to participate in a marijuana study.

The family was joined by additional families seeking legislative action to help them gain access to medical marijuana for their children. Some families were able to experiment with medical marijuana in other states, but now they are back in Virginia they are not able to use the same treatment. One teen even said that she would be able to improve in school, get off her prescription medication, and improve her overall quality of life if she were able to use medicinal marijuana. Despite the anecdotes and personal experiences as testimony of the benefits of pot, many lawmakers are still skeptical.

Some claim that there is no research to back up cannabis oil. Others say that legalizing a drug that Congress still classifies as a Schedule 1 drug is risky. Still, many parents of child-epilepsy patients have been frustrated by the slow or stunted access to marijuana treatments, especially in states where cannabis has not been legalized for medical use. Some are just waiting around for their states to change the laws. Others are genuinely considering a move out of state so that they can give their children access to medical marijuana. Fortunately, medical marijuana is available and legal in California. Our Orange County medical marijuana attorneys are dedicated to protecting the rights of individuals and dispensary owners. We will inform you of your rights and obligations as well as protect you in the event of a criminal investigation or charge.

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