City releases list of Los Angeles marijuana dispensaries targeted for closure

The Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office has released a list of 439 marijuana dispensaries it says must shut the doors to comply with the new city ordinance that went into effect this week.

The Los Angeles medical marijuana lawyers at the CANNABIS LAW GROUP represent numerous dispensaries in pending lawsuits over the forced closures. We are offering reasonable legal fees to dispensaries that want to join the fight; we believe there is strength in numbers and will continue to fight on behalf of these businesses, which should be permitted to continue to legally operate under California law.

The ordinance forces the closure of dispensaries that opened after November 2007 and also prohibits a dispensary from being located within 1,000 feet of schools parks or libraries. A last-minute addition to the ordinance also prohibits dispensaries from being located adjacent or across from a residential property. Those restrictions could force about half the estimated 130 older dispensaries to close. Eligible businesses must prove they are in compliance by next week.

The city has reported most of the targeted marijuana collectives have closed as ordered. Violators face a fine of up to $2,500 a day and six months in jail. Violators could face raids by the city in response to reports from police officers, building inspectors and residents about dispensaries that are operating in violation of the ordinance.

Here is the list of Los Angeles marijuana dispensaries ordered to close.

Map of marijuana dispensaries forced to close.

Map of Los Angeles dispensaries allowed to remain open.

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