City Sues More Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Los Angeles

As Los Angeles continues to force marijuana dispensaries out of business, the city claimed a quick victory earlier this month in a lawsuit forcing a dispensary to shut its doors, according to L.A. Now.

The decision to force the company out of business came after the city’s attorneys forced the landlord to evict Cancare Collective as the operators chose to avoid litigation.
Our Los Angeles medical marijuana lawyers understand the problems that local medical marijuana dispensaries are facing as cities seek to force them out of business. Keeping your business alive and well at a time where local government officials aim to shut down the entire industry means hiring a law firm experienced in handling the issues.

At a hearing earlier this week, Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge James C. Chalfant also issued an injunction demanding that the North Hollywood dispensary halt operations at 11120 Burbank Boulevard or any of their other locations.

In addition to this suit aiming to close seven dispensaries, the city filed four lawsuits earlier in attempt to close other dispensaries.

“We are hopeful that we will be more successful and speedy this time around,” said Asha Greenberg, the managing assistant city attorney who has led the effort.

The San Jose City Council passed an ordinance earlier this month that mandates marijuana distributed by a San Jose medical marijuana dispensaries be grown on site.

MedMar Healing Center, a San Jose medical cannabis provider, claims that this ordinance will place a de facto ban on a majority of the medical marijuana dispensaries in San Jose. They continue to claim that most of these local dispensaries that do have the space and resources to manage on-site gardens won’t be able to keep up the current level of product quality, diversity or quality of their medical cannibus, according to PR Web. They also worry that by hosting the on-site production of their products they will also increase the security risks to all marijuana collectives.

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