Co-location of Medical Marijuana Recreational Use Marijuana in CA Proposed

Medical cannabis sales are already big business in California.  With the recreational use of marijuana soon being legal in California, it is expected that the marijuana industry in our state could grow by tenfold into a multibillion dollar industry.

marijuana business RiversideThose in the marijuana industry have pushed for the sale of recreational use marijuana to be allowed in the same establishments that dispense medical marijuana.  According to a recent news article from KTLA News 5, Governor Jerry Brown and several state representatives have proposed a law that would allow for the medical marijuana and recreational use marijuana to be legally sold at a single location.  This is known as the co-location of marijuana sales.

As our Los Angeles marijuana business attorneys can explain, the reason those in the marijuana industry wanted co-location is because it will potentially reduce the cost of marijuana sales, as there will not be a need for redundant infrastructure.    A spokesperson for the California Cannabis Industry Association who was interviewed as part of this article stated that co-location of medical marijuana and recreational use marijuana will be much more cost effective for those who operate medical marijuana retail shops.

It should be noted that there were some opposed to co-location, because the age to purchase marijuana for recreational use is 21, and medical marijuana is able to be sold to minors.  They also argued that medical marijuana requires a doctor’s recommendation, and there is no such requirement for the sale of marijuana for recreational use.

With respect to the age requirement, it does not seem like that should be much of a problem.  Anyone can walk into a grocery store, but only a person 21 or over can purchase alcohol.  Additionally, everyone walking into a co-location establishment would be required to show a valid ID.  If they are under 21, they would need a doctor’s recommendation.  This would also address the issue with a doctor’s recommendation requirement. As we have seen in many other cases, those who are opposed to co-location, may simply be opposed to any sale of marijuana, whether we are talking about medical marijuana or recreational use marijuana.

One concern that is more relevant comes from those who already operate medical marijuana cooperatives who wish to help patients and are not primarily interested in profits. While we have come a long way since medical marijuana was first legalized in California more than 20 years ago, there are still many who are putting patients first.  For them, one concern is that with the new taxes and increased focus on business and profits, low-income patients who depend on access to their much-needed medication will find themselves no longer able to afford it.

While this is certainly a realistic concern, there is also a lot that is being done to insure this doesn’t happen.  For more information about how to structure your existing medical marijuana operation, you should speak with an experienced medical marijuana cooperative attorney as soon as possible.

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