GOP Lawmakers Press Administration on Federal Marijuana Policy

Drug enforcement officials are encouraging Congress and others not to legalize marijuana in the face of growing public opinion in favor of it. Even though the Obama Administration has taken a hands off and somewhat unclear approach to marijuana policy, the inaction has been an endorsement of sorts.


Our Los Angeles marijuana lawyers have seen countless examples of conflicting marijuana policies within the federal government.

The deputy administrator for the DEA declared that easing the laws concerning marijuana would threaten United States institutions.

In addition, the Drug Enforcement Administration informed a Senate panel earlier this year that legalizing marijuana in the United States is irresponsible and reckless.

Some congressmen have stated that the country is in a state of chaos and conflict over marijuana policy and regulation. In an election year, a debate surrounding controversial marijuana policy could play a significant role.

The Justice Department has taken a more hands off approach in places where marijuana has been legalized. The DOJ states that it will not interfere with marijuana businesses as long as they adhere to the state regulations and as long as the industry is taxed by the state.

The Treasury Department announced formal guidance for banking institutions regarding dealing with the marijuana industry. However, it is clear that the financial industry will continue to avoid opening accounts for marijuana organizations.

The deputy Drug Enforcement Administration administrator did not go so far as to criticize administration enforcement policies. However, he did say that DEA will continue to target large-scale drug trafficking organizations. He also stated that law enforcement agencies will continue to be concerned with the international drug trade and would be on the lookout for organizations that exploit State drug laws.

Although Federal regulators continue to struggle with marijuana policy. The situation has been settled in California since 1996.

In a December 2013 poll, 55 percent of Californians stated that they were in favor of the legalization of marijuana for recreational use. Meanwhile, adults who live responsible lives are being cited or arrested at an ever increasing rate for the possession of a substance that is safer than both tobacco and alcohol.

California currently has marijuana laws that are far more liberal than many states. Nevertheless, it is still wasting resources arresting and prosecuting marijuana offenders. In addition, when recreational marijuana is illegal it forces the trade underground where only criminals benefit.

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